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EXPERIENCE offers fans a better experience of live events through flexible ticketing. In the world of sports and entertainment, users can access a wide range of offers via the Experience mobile platform: from simple subscriptions and single tickets to privileges such as backstage passes.
As for their customers, they have a ticketing technology that meets the expectations of today's consumers: mobile, relational and tailor-made, bringing them additional revenue.

The Context

In the live events sector, the seasons fluctuate. This raises the question for organisers: how do you engage fans even during slower periods when tickets are not available for sale

This issue is at the heart of Experience's "off-season" strategy. When fans are looking for events for which tickets are not yet on sale, they are encouraged to opt for SMS alerts to be informed of upcoming availability.  

For Experience, as SMS is highly effective in attracting users to the platform, it has been one of the main vectors of direct marketing. Thus, they decided to focus on call-to-action prompting users to sign up for SMS alerts and on the motivations of users to sign up for them. 

A/B Test

The Product and Customer Success teams have combined their skills to understand the preferences and expectations of users. Based on this information, they developed three different variants for the CTA text to be displayed on the mobile web pages.

AB Tasty set up this test.

The results

In the end, the third option was chosen, since a 50% increase in clicks was observed thanks to this CTA.

While the other versions only provided information about the situation (notes were not yet available), variation 3 offered the solution to users directly in the header. Hence the importance of highlighting the direct motivation.

Inspired and translated from the article from AB Tasty

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Would you like to carry out a data & CDP diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your slot.

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