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How to set up a cross-departmental data strategy | Digital Zoom - Podcast #2

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In 2019, at the heart of the strategies for the digitization of Cultural Structures, data/data recovery issues will be interspersed. What data do you recover? Where does it come from? From which tools? Where is it stored, between the different departments?

After a first inventory, it is a question of establishing data strategies for :

  • Diversify data recovery
  • Gather data in one place
  • To make them usable by the different departments (Ticketing, Communication, Marketing and Management).

How to set up a common data strategy for different departments?

Behind a seemingly complex problem, there are very simple solutions. The Zoom Digital team went to meet Carole Raphanel, marketing and ticketing manager at the Phénix de Valenciennes, a national stage and European creative hub.

You can listen to the podcast of this interview on Spotify, Deezer, Apple and Google Podcast, summarised below!

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"Thanks to our tool CDP, there is a real information flow between our teams, which teams, which significantly improves the management of our databases. of our databases.

00'50 - Hello Carole, what's your background?

My name is Carole Raphanel, I'm in charge of marketing, ticketing and reception at the phoenix. I am in charge of the conception and implementation of our marketing strategy for all audiences: audience development around sales and cultural activities. I also manage the ticketing activity, as well as the team that welcomes the public on the evenings of the show.

01'20 - How did you work before adopting your CDP ?

Before, we had the communication team that managed the publishing and sending of newsletters from a tool that was developed by our website editor. The Press Relations team, the Ticketing team, the Marketing team and the Management did not have direct access to this tool.

And everything related to the files was managed on the ticketing and PR side, to which the communication department did not have access: so there was no transversal working tool between the communication department and the public service.

With Arenametrix, we were able to centralize our databases, work tools and newsletter editing.

Previously, our editor did not allow us to send newsletters with responsive design; did not allow us to have data on our opening rates, click rates,
unsubscriptions to newsletters. Above all, we didn't have a structured recovery plan, with dates and objectives that accompanied a particular targeting. We were working a lot at the last minute, without really having a cross-functional work process. And we worked with little or no public segmentation.

02'50 - Why Arenametrix: what was the strategy in adopting this CDP ?

I met Arenametrix in November 2017, as part of a project called Innovative Digital Services launched by the Ministry of Culture and carried by the Avant-Scène in Colombes, on which we were partners.

Then they came to give a presentation at our house in February 2018, and we went to their house between June and September 2018. Since this first part of the season, we have been using Arenametrix for our newsletter targeting, for our commercial re-launches and for our results analysis.

03'50 - What are the main added values of Arenametrix?

Since we use Arenametrix, we have many more tools to target our mailings to our customers for contact at the right time, in the right way, with the right tone of voice.

And this segmentation could not have been done before; we could not at all have had a detailed knowledge of their purchasing behaviour and the right timing for contacting and soliciting them.

We also work in a much more transversal and direct way: we've had a real time saving! Before to sort files, it used to take me maybe an hour; today, to quickly target before sending newsletters, I do it in less than 10 minutes!

On our subscription campaign in September, we sent out a mailing to about 1000 customers from the previous season who had not yet re-subscribed; and after that, we had about 50 subscriptions that fell through in 3 days! It's a practice we didn't have before. It's a shipment that unlocked sales very easily, with very little effort.

05'15 - What about customer support? Are you well trained as a user?

Between the first meeting with Ludovic, and the first sending, the first concrete use, we had a training time with the Arenametrix teams: both time spent in the form of a one-hour meeting where we took the time to ask all our questions in a structured and organised way; and also with the possibility of calling them when we were stuck on a manipulation: a 3-minute phone call to understand what the manipulation was!

We were very well supported from start to finish; and even today, as soon as I have questions or when I have more complex cases of use on targeting etc., I very easily call the team, Sofiane or the others, for support - whether it's advice on who to target and especially how to do it technically.

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