Knowing your audience: a prerequisite for communicating well with the public

Knowing your audience: a prerequisite for communicating well with the public

Webinar in German [15/12/2021] 17:00

Staying in touch with the public has never been more important than in the past year. In order to maintain and cultivate the link, cultural institutions have had to reinvent their communication with the public. This imperative has sometimes led to saturation...

But now, communication must once again strive to convert, bring back the public and visitors and build loyalty.

How can cultural institutions better organise their communication? And what role does knowledge of your own audience play in this?

Arenametrix and L'Oeil du Public (Switzerland) will share in this webinar some lessons learned from their respective collaborations with theatres, museums or concert halls.

Die Besucherforschung: wie kann sie konkret helfen? - The Public Eye (Switzerland)
Um besser zu kommunizieren, muss man die Empfänger der Botschaften kennen. How can this be done? Wie kann man nicht nur Besucher.innen, sondern auch Nicht-Besucher.innen kennenlernen? Und inwieweit hilft dies, Kommunikation effizienter zu gestalten? L'Oeil du Public (Switzerland) explains through examples how a research project can be carried out effectively.

Kundendaten: Was lässt sich daraus machen? - Arenametrix
Kunden sollte man ideerweise persönlich ansprechen. To achieve this, various target groups need to be defined. But how should this be done in practice? Data from users as information sources can help to ensure that the group's needs are met and that communication is personalised.

Case study: Vom Verstehen des Publikums bis zum Kommunikationsbriefing - Roy Schedler Das Technorama Winterthur hat in den letzten Jahren drei umfassende Besucherforschungsprojekte durchgeführt - alle mit dem Ziel, die Erwartungen und Bedürfnisse der Besucherinnen und Besucher besser zu verstehen. Roy Schedler, former Head of Marketing and Partnerships at the Swiss Science Center Technorama Winterthur, explains how the Technorama uses these visitor data to create a more efficient and specific communication.

Speakers :

Fabien Morf, Reimar Walthert, L'Oeil du Public (Switzerland).
Seit 2018 in der Schweiz und 2013 in Frankreich berät L'Oeil du Public als Agentur für Kulturmarketing und Publikumsforschung, Institutionen, Körperschaften, öffentliche und private Unternehmen des Kunst- und Kulturbereich.

Solène Jimenez, Arenametrix.
Arenametrix is a digital solution for cultural institutions (theatres, opera houses, festivals, concert halls, museums, etc.) which helps them to develop their own data bank. The Arenametrix CDP-Plattform enables a better, more personal and more efficient communication with the public.

Roy Schedler.
Roy Schedler is a Dozent an der ZHdK, ZHAW, Mitglied bei der Visitor Studies Group UK. He currently runs the consultancy firm

The speakers:

Fabien Morf, Reimar Walthert : L'Œil du Public (Switzerland)
Since 2018 in Switzerland and 2013 in France, L'Œil du Public advises institutions, public and private companies in the art and culture sector as a cultural marketing and audience research agency.

Solène Jimenez: Arenametrix
Arenametrix is a digital solution designed for cultural institutions (theatres, operas, festivals, concert halls, museums, etc.) to help them develop their own database. Arenametrix's CDP platform enables targeted and personalised communications to be made more effective.

Roy Schedler
Roy Schedler is a lecturer at ZHDK (Zurich University of the Arts), ZHAW (University of Applied Sciences Zurich) and a member of the Visitor Studies Group UK. He is currently head of the consultancy firm

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Solène Jimenez

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