Oc Sport Marathon de Geneve

Races: Improving the race experience through participant segmentation

Enhance the racing experience with the participant segmentation

For communication and marketing managers of races and sporting events, creating a highly personalised link with participants requires centralising all the data left by them. This data must be properly qualified. Based on these preliminary tasks, a segmentation work and then a personalized communication can be carried out. All of this work is a real challenge on a daily basis. To help you in your digital communication strategy,you can count on the expertise of the team ofArenametrix.

Here is a presentation of our collaboration with OC Sport - Harmony Geneva Marathon. Their participants' data was stored in the booking management tool. Analyzing this data was a laborious task, as was cross-referencing data between events. As a result, communication and marketing were managed independently and compartmentalized for each event. The ambition for OC Sport - Harmony Geneva Marathon was to initiate a data collection and management strategy that would allow them to optimize their communications and create a highly personalized link with their members. This is what they initiated with Arenametrix.

For Lola Martini, its Communication Manager: "It is thanks to the richness of the data segmentation offered by Arenametrix that we manage to carry out inter-event analysis." [Access the certified testimonial].

Find out more about the work being done onOC Sport's communications strategy:

Oc Sport Marathon de Geneve

OC Sport is an international group active in the marketing and sports events market, specialising in professional sailing and all outdoor sports, running, triathlon and more committed sports such as trail running. OC Sport is present on all the playing fields: oceans, lakes, mountains, forests, deserts, but also the centre of big cities.


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