French Athletics Federation marketing digital event

Federations: Marketing a digital event

Marketing a digital event

In 2020, the health crisis brought down the map of events in France, triggering the cancellation of many races organised in the country. Digital then appears as a coherent alternative, allowing organizations to preserve the link with their fans and sportsmen and women. Faced with this paradigm shift, marketing teams must build new strategies to ensure participation in their digital events.

Here we offer you our cooperation with the French Athletics Federation. Last July, following the confinement, the FFA decided to counter this situation, which was not very conducive to the gathering, by organizing the 1st virtual Open de France, a 5km Athletic event open to all, the 2nd edition of which would be held in December. The ambition for the federation was to gather a maximum number of runners, licensed or not, around this event, to maximize their reach, and their revenue.

A first success that the FFA teams intend to repeat, confirms Louise Leste, head of promotion and ticketing: " We now hope to be able to make full use of the tool to market an event such as the Paris Meeting, in order toexplore all its facets and optimise our sales and revenue. [Access the certified testimonial].

Discover now the work done around the marketing strategy of the French Athletics Federation:

French Athletics Federation marketing digital event

11th Sports Federation in number of licensees, the French Athletics Federation has managed the practice of athletics in France since 1920. In addition to managing 316,000 licensees in more than 2,400 clubs, the FFA organises numerous events (French Championships, Ekidens, DecaNation, etc.).


The number of participants in the 2 races of the year (the target was 15,000). including 19,598 finishers.

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