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How to market its reduced gauge ticketing offer?

How to market its reduced gauge ticketing offer?

The beginning of 2021 brings us good news. Hope is reborn with the distribution of vaccines, which leads us to believe that the crisis will be over in a few months. The reopening of the stadiums and arenas seems close, even if we will have to rely on partial gauges. Initially, there will certainly be limited capacity to test and approve the public reception facilities. Partial gauges inevitably mean disappointment among fans eager to get back to the stands. Thus, we propose you through this article some good practices to help you imagine the marketing of your seats. Between fan satisfaction and the monetization of seats, the borderline is thin but playable.

1. Subscribers are your priority

Subscribers are your closest fans, often linked to their club of hearts by a dedicated seat. You have certainly invested time and energy in building their loyalty. That's why they have to come first so you don't lose them in the off-season. Here are a few tips not to miss the reunion: 

- Connect to subscribers by special attentions (even small ones)

- Upgrade the seat category if it is not possible for the subscriber to retrieve his seat category. 

- Offer an additional ticket to share this return trip 

- Give them an enhanced experience on game night. 

- Highlight and communicate this special treatment 

The richer the experience, the better chance you'll give yourself to make your next subscription campaign a success.


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AS Nancy Lorraine Subscription Campaign

2. Segment your buyer base

Thanks to transactional datalake, you are able to isolate the fans who spend the most. For example, CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) scores provide a complete profile of your club's buyers, whether it's ticketing, merchandising or cashless. We also talk about FRM segmentation (Frequency, Recency, Amount). Thanks to this knowledge, you favour those who buy the most in order to thank them for their loyalty (and guarantee your turnover). Geolocation is also a good way to segment your base. To reconnect with the fans in your territory, giving them priority to buy is a good solution. In 2019, the Brewers have opted for this practice for the derby against the Cubs..

3. Set up an in-line queue

It's been a long wait, no doubt some of your fans are eager to get back to your loudspeaker. Nevertheless, you won't be able to please everyone. So, a digital queue is a good way to communicate about the reopening and engage the most eager ones. On a landing page, invite your fans to leave their contact information to experience the return. This way, you build up a base of potential buyers and data to improve the qualification of your base. With the Covid 19 crisis, this subject is a real marketing issue. Judge for yourself with an article on this field of research.

4. Plan your ticket opening

Planning is the key to your ticketing success. As a first step, make sure your objectives are clearly set out. Between satisfying your subscriber base and optimizing your sales, double-segmentation will be your savior. To ensure effective marketing, start by preparing your populations (subscribers, best buyers, geolocalized fans, etc.). Then apply priority sales locks on these segments. Finally, use these segmentation criteria in your sales approaches (email, SMS, phoning) to give you every chance to satisfy and convert!

We hope you will find this advice useful in developing a strategy to accommodate a limited number of supporters. These practices should enable us to meet a number of objectives: 

- Strengthen the relationship with your "best" fans 

- Satisfy a maximum number of people who want to return to your enclosure. 

- Optimize the turnover on the marketing of your gauge 

In 2021, we offer you 30 minutes of advice on your business strategy, in order to find the best possible audience. I invite you to reserve your niche in my agenda 😉.

Olivier Spaeth

Olivier Spaeth

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