data pleasure

Marketing data: pleasure or displeasure?

Marketing Data:

Or why is the data scaring us?

Feeling overwhelmed


This feeling is exacerbated by the emergence of new data marketing practices. "The digital revolution is creating oceans of data about our transactions, our movements, our habits, our 'friends' and our moods," writes Sylvain Lafrance. [1]. The flood of ethical, moral, legal and economic questions that accompanies this digital revolution is causing us to feel drowned out.

The feeling of being controlled


Jacek Dukaj, science fiction author, explains to us [2] "the big data knows us better than we know ourselves ." We live in an age where technology allows us to accumulate masses of data. It's so intense that the human brain alone can't analyze it. The author puts his finger on an unpleasant reality: "It is not humanity that is the subject reading this data, it is technology itself, moving forward by its own inertial force. The more it advances, the less we understand and control it."

data pleasure

An exercise not very obvious...


If you put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur, big data can also be frighteningly complex. Gymnastics of the permanent mind, numerous and unsuitable tools: mastering digital is not easy. A myriad of questions jostle each other: how to collect relevant data without being too intrusive? How to manage recovered data in an efficient way? How to transform this data into usable information? How do you connect with your audiences through this information? Communicate at the right time, via the right channel? It all sounds extremely difficult. 

However, we - Arenametrix - have chosen to feel the potential of mega-data and take advantage of it. We believe it is vital to know how to navigate this sea. Data is reinventing and redesigning all industries. The key is to turn data into actionable information so that you have a minimum of visibility on the horizon.

Who's the Data?

"What if we gave data a soul?"ask INfluencia and the Kiss The Bridge agency in the first issue of DATA & EMOTION magazine [3]. Let's get to know it to better understand it!

Data pleasure

Proust's little questionnaire to Madam Data:



My dream: Total osmosis between digital and human!
The country I would like to live in : I love the eclecticism and beauty of planet Earth !
My favourite colour : Transparent...I wish I had no secrets for you!
My favourite bird: The Twitter bird!
My favourite poets : The instapoetess Rupi Kaur! I love the idea of a 2.0 figure of the poet.
My hero in real life: I like Cédric Villani who thinks and makes intelligible the great subject of Artificial Intelligence!
My favourite painters: Paul Klee! A painter I admire and who was a very good teacher...
The reform I value the most: GDPR, it's an excellent opportunity to square all the processes I'm involved in!
How I would like to die : Pff... I'm afraid I'm immortal. Maybe not. So singing Dalida, "I want to die on stage!

Bonus : My motto

"It is not enough to speak, one must speak justly ", a quote from William Shakespeare. I like it. That goes for the Man just like the data! Look! It is possible to humanize data and give it a soul. The goal now is to use their power to strengthen relationships between people and improve their daily experiences.

data marketing

Marketing Data and Emotion, Marketing Data PLEASURE

The richness of a relationship between a cultural or sporting structure and its audience lies in human contact. The use of data allows a fine knowledge of the spectator, touching his personality. Thanks to a data collection, it is possible to understand his expectations, to embrace his needs and thus increase their satisfaction. By generating emotions throughout the performance experience, structures encourage the loyalty of their audiences. They create unforgettable moments of life. "Data will always need emotion to become irresistible, creativity will always need data to become relevant", says the preface of DATA & EMOTION Magazine. The future of audience loyalty and engagement rests on this union. Some brands reward customers who comment on or share their digital content with loyalty points, elevating them to the status of ambassadors. This recognition fosters their links with the brand. [4]

In practice, have fun!

Think CDP ! The CDP website allows you to get to know your audience better and to maintain a personalised relationship with your audience before, during and after your event. It is a key tool for managing your audiences.

Find more References here!

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Solène Jimenez

Would you like to carry out a data & CDP diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your slot.

Ludovic Bordes

Would you like to carry out a data & CDP diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your slot.

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