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Marsatac & Arenametrix : Containment Testimony

Marsatac & Arenametrix: containment interview

Marsatac is a festival born of rap from Marseilles, which has gradually opened up to hip hop and electronic music. 35,000 festival-goers gather every year. 40 artists take place on the stages of the Parc Chanot during 2 days, then on the 3rd day the festival goers meet at the beach.



"We've used Arenametrix a lot to send out consistent newsletters that are adapted to the different targets we address."

Laurence Chansigaud

Head of Communication

How did Marsatac, Music Festival, get through this period of confinement?

  • [00:00] Presentation
  • [01:23Any new decisions as a result of containment?
  • [02:30[...] How has Arenametrix been useful in this period?
  • [03:20] A state of mind to share?

Thanks to Laurence Chansigaud, Head of communication and sponsorship at Marsatac. Find another Marsatac use case here : Festivals: Achieve a record conversion rate through relevant segmentation.

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