Put your data to work: control your flows and win over your customers

Put your data to work:
control your flows and win over your customers

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Ticketing, websites, mobile applications, social media...
At each point of contact, your current and future customers generate a large amount of valuable data.

- Why make sure you own them?
- How can they help you become more independent, efficient and profitable in developing your site and your destination?

Arenametrix and CatalateArenametrix, expert partners of leisure parks and ski areas, share with you their best practices and experience in collecting and using visitor data.

Don't wait any longer: put your data to work

The speakers

Tony André, Jérôme Estienne : Catalate
Catalate is a pricing, e-commerce and distribution company that enables ski areas and amusement parks to generate more revenue while ensuring customer satisfaction. The company provides tools for ski areas, water parks and other ticketing activities to optimise revenue management and dynamic pricing to grow the business.

Sophia Baladi: Arenametrix
Sophia is our Visitor & Leisure Manager. She advises our clients such as tourist destinations, monuments and leisure parks in their marketing strategy and supports them in their use of Arenametrix, their CDP. She has the pleasure of working with some fifty sites, including Parc Spirou Provence, Océanopolis, the Château de Chantilly, the Parc Zoologique de Paris and other sites of the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle...

Antoine Burnet Compagnie du Mont-Blanc
Since 2012 at CMB, Antoine Burnet has been the initiator of the implementation of dynamic pricing for the Chamonix Day Pass. Via the Chamskideal, whose strategy is steered by Catalate, the CMB targets local skiers living within a 2-hour radius of Chamonix

Sophia CS

Sophia Baladi

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