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Professional Sport: [Round Table] Creating an omni-channel universe and monetizing your fans' data

How to create an omni-channel universe and monetize your fans' data

During our roundtable discussion on March 4, we talked with Camille Urli and Georges-Henry Bediou of Stade Français Paris the challenges they faced to improve the fan experience and monetize their data. AroundArenametrix and ReachFivewe have shared the steps that have allowed us to successfully carry out this digital transformation and place the fan at the heart of the club's development. We offer you a summary of our discussions.

Arenametrix : Pierre Gautier / Sport BU Manager

Reach Five : Olivier Bon / Sales Account Manager

Stade Français : Georges-Henry Bediou / Development and Communication Director & Camille Urli / Project Manager CDP, marketing and digital development

1. Digital transformation at Stade Français Paris

French stage

GH. Bediou: In a global strategic vision, the entire digital transformation project stems from our 3 values: "TRAIN / INNOVATE / GATHER". We will detail two of them.

a. Innovate

GH. Bediou: The Stade Français has always been looking for innovation in its communication. The challenge now is to improve our state of mind in order to turn it to the service of fan relations. This desire is being put into practice through the use of new tools such as Reachfive and Arenametrix. These tools allow us to integrate new types of players into our communication strategy, such as rugby schools, associations, or even our cousins from Stade Français Ominsport. In the current context, we can't gather physically and it's a pity because we had envisaged many things. Nevertheless, we are currently thinking of setting up actions such as :

  • sports sessions offered via videoconference.
  • a campaign co-piloted with the ticketing team to call all subscribers, aiming to offer them greeting cards and access to many exclusive services. 
  • Zoom meetings with supporters every month.

B. Gathering

C. Urli: We have also developed three times a week to talk with our fans:

  • a video recap on monday with a summary of the games, statistics, and the man of the match elected by the fans during the weekend.
  • animations and quizzes on Fridays to maintain an animation around the club.
  • an editorial newsletter each week including a newspaper about the club's news

GH. Bediou: Digital is only a tool and what counts is its use. We're here to give the best possible image of what's going on in the club. And a club is not only the pros, it's a whole ecosystem, including training and partners. 

2. How to create an omnichannel universe and monetize data

O. Bon: Why did you select Arenametrix and ReachFive to support you?

C. Urli : We were accompanied by Talent. They advised us not to go knocking on the door of big structures as we can see in the USA but rather to trust French companies to have people who really want to invest in us. We wanted to feel valued. We are delighted to be accompanied by two actors who come together to lead a beautiful project.

GH. Bediou: That's the advantage of working with two French start-ups. They are unbeatable because of their market expertise. They have specific knowledge of the French fan. So we know that the solutions that will be proposed to us are adapted to our needs .We look forward to continuing to challenge you!

P. Gautier : Could you tell us something about your I.S. architecture ?

shema stade francais Paris
IS architecture diagram of the Stade Français Paris

GH. Bediou: Everything starts from the touch points; ticketing, application, shop... Then you have to connect the whole thing. It sounds basic, but in reality, it's a monster of complexity. We have to solve storage problems, check that all the links between the different data sources are operational... Everything is done to obtain a unique identification of the contact in order to obtain, afterwards, real-time analyses of his behaviour, and segmentation proposals. We can't wait for the health context to improve so that we can apply our action plan!

C.Urli: Today, the fan comes to the stadium with his mobile and doesn't need anything. All the information is gathered in the application and all the information goes back and is analyzed in order to simplify and improve the fan experience.

P. Gautier : Despite the context, do you already have some initial performance indicators to share?

C. Urli We have noticed that the exchanges with the fans are more fluid. When there is a problem or a question, response times are shorter. This leads to a decrease in the number of complaint emails that arrive at customer service. These are the first elements that tell us that we are on the right track.

GH. Bediou: Nevertheless, we are still in a too simplified use to draw a final conclusion. This will be the challenge for next year.

3. Prospects for enriching the fan experience at the Stade Français Paris

O. Bon : How has the current context changed the relationship with your fans and what are the lessons to be learned from this period?

C.Urli: The fan relationship had to evolveSince we can no longer receive them physically. This has led us to focus on our digital development policy. This development has proved invaluable in maintaining the link with our fans, or even in broadcasting to all fans the very strict sanitary standards they had to apply for the first two games of the season.

GH.Bediou This evolution is positive. We talk much more about the essence of the relationship with our fans. We're getting used to talking about the life of the club, the pro team, the youngsters, the projects of structuring the club. We are in the exchange. Monetization is only a consequence of a job well done, of a balance between a commercial action plan and a marketing content action plan.

P. Gautier : How will the fan experience at the Stade Français Paris evolve in the years to come?

GH. Bediou We have to integrate all the post-Covid management into our services because it will follow us for several years. The sanitary processes that we have already been able to put in place for the first matches will be perpetuated. It's not something to look forward to, but it's essential to simplify the life of the fan: accessibility, access to click & collect, ticketing, merchandising...

C. Urli: We want to develop a more service-oriented side and offer our fans more services adapted to their needs thanks to the customer knowledge we are currently developing with the tools CDP. We will be looking at how we can use digital technology to strengthen interaction before matches and ensure the continuity of the fan relationship.

Chat: Among these perspectives, how do you intend to enrich the experience for the partners of the club since the course is different for them?

GH.Bediou: The tools we talk about Are an integral part of the B2B relationship. For example, we send them an adapted newsletter every week, which is not the same as the one for B2C, with an adapted editorial and offers. We want to push the reflection in relation to the business club, with the partners and employees of these companies. There are very basic things that can be done, such as merchandising, which is a very good tool for B2B to go further in the relationship outside the matches. These are things we are working on and trying to put in place. We see the needs of our customers and then we adapt the communication with our partners.

Any last words of advice?

GH. Bediou: You have to calibrate the need and expectations against what the club is capable of absorbing from a financial point of view, and IF. You have to think as a whole. The advice is: " Hang in there! ».

C.Urli You have to ask yourself the right questions: what do you want to do with this ecosystem, where do you want to go, and absolutely and absolutely diagram everything ! It's a long process but it's important to have a machine that runs and to use it as soon as possible.

Find out more about our round table: Creating an omi-channel universe and monetizing your fans' data.

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