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Museums : Visiting museums during the time of COVID-19

Visiting Museums in the Time of COVID-19

 This article is translated from the English Visiting museums during the COVID-19 era prepared by the editor MAPFRE.

Culture seems to be relegated to the rank of a lesser activity. However, it is becoming clear that it is one of the fundamental pillars that we cannot do without in the dramatic circumstances of the pandemic. Reading or enjoying various audiovisual productions is on the agenda but, unfortunately, cultural tourism is far from being within our reach. We can no longer visit cities or enjoy a play or a quiet visit to a museum. However, there is no reason why we should not think of visiting museums and cultural places in any other way; even though the whole museum environment is changing.

We're reinventing our relationship with culture

Deserted Museum

We can no longer travel, but our social media is filled with memories. During the Christmas holidays, we saw our friends and relatives reminiscing, through photos and videos, about what they were doing just a year ago, when everything was different. Institutions, for their part, faced with the closure of cultural spaces, are putting a lot of effort into strengthening their online presence. The websites of the museums and monuments to be visited are providing tools for virtual visits, if they did not already have them, and more interesting content is being generated on the Internet and at social media. 

Children are the ones most in need of access to culture

Child Museum

Suddenly, the youngest children in the homes were deprived of their regular classes - which are being replaced by online activities thanks to a huge effort by the teachers - as well as the cultural activities or visits they had planned with their schools. This is why it is particularly important to have initiatives such as those implemented by the Prado Museum : audioguides for childrenin which characters from paintings in Spain's main art gallery explain to children the subtleties of works of art. 

Mention should also be made of the initiative implemented by the MAPFRE Foundation, which encourages the participation of children through interesting competitions, such as #DibujaMiró (Draw Miró), in which children up to the age of ten design drawings inspired by various paintings by the Catalan painter. These contents are then hosted on the Foundation's Instagram account.

Let us also present the initiative of the Musée d'Orsay (and the Musée de l'Orangerie) which has put online a site entirely dedicated to 15-18 year olds, Les Petits M'O. This site takes the form of an interactive map and offers children thematic tours around decorative arts or family portraits. Podcasts related to the exhibitions (such as In the Land of Monsters), and many other activities await the youngest.

Visit museums and monuments in one click

Chinese Walls

When you were in Barcelona, did you miss the Sagrada Familia? You can now do so. a virtual visit of the exterior and interior on the official website of the basilica. On the same site you can also visit the Gaudí House Museum. We also recommend the 3D photographic tour of the Alhambra of Granada from the official website of this other internationally renowned monument. The Prado Museum, in addition to the above-mentioned activities for children, has on its websitea virtual gallery with many of its most significant photographs. The Picasso Museum in Malaga offers us cultural offers and has an interesting activity on its social media.  

This article from the social cultura (Social Culture), shows us the options offered by museums that are a little less known to the general public. The Fine Arts Museum in Seville, the Arellano Alonso Museum of African Art in Valladolid, the Cerralbo Museum in Madrid, the Tower of Hercules in A Coruña and the Music Museum in Barcelona are just a few examples. 

You're more of a nature-loving fan, aren't you? Maybe you want to landscape tour of the last stretch of the Way of St. James. Thanks to Google Street ViewYou have a wide range of options to explore: you can start with Las Médulas or the Bardenas Reales. It's the closest experience to a visit to the wilderness without moving from your living room.

Let's go travel, get your passport!

Outdoor Museum

If we talk about art and history, we cannot fail to mention Egyptian art and culture. In Egypt, the construction of the brand new Great Egyptian Museum was well under way when the Coronavirus first appeared. Its inauguration has of course been postponed until the situation improves, and for the time being we will have to be content to visit its works virtually via YouTube. 

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is working on its website to gradually increase its offer of virtual tours, as part of an initiative it has called "Living Egypt from home " . Stay at home. Stay safe.

Let's move on to the United States. North Americans are particularly proud of their natural parks. There are 59 of them in total, some of which cover vast tracts of land, and you can enjoy all kinds of scenery. Thanks to a collaboration with the Google Arts & Culture programIn the U.S., you can virtually visit five of these parks, including Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, by jumping from one 360-degree panorama to another, with a ranger as your guide. 

In fact, if you look closely, you'll probably find an online tour of any major museum or world monument that comes to mind, of the Great Wall of China at British Museum. This article in the National Geographic offers virtual visits to a dozen museums around the world. 

Focus on France :

paris virtual museums

French institutions are not to be outdone. Among many others, we list the initiative of The Cité de l'Architecture & du Patrimoine who works with Arenametrix on their communication campaigns. The Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine has proposed a series of virtual tours with different themes and commented by the museum's usual lecturers. These visits were conducted by videoconference, presenting several media (images and videos) allowing visitors to move digitally from room to room, from history to history, from work to work.

Thanks to the Google Art Project, you can visit the four buildings that make up the Google Art Project. the Quai Branly Museum. Through this walk, you will find yourself immersed in interactive and rediscover the main works of the museum. Paris Musées have deployed fantastic resources and present you in this article more than ten ways to access art from home.

The final word:

This is where this brief virtual journey ends. Many doors have been opened. It is now up to the readers to plunge into those they like best and to embark on their own cultural path. If readers have the time, as is the case with older family members, children and teenagers, this is a great way to spend time in isolation. Yes, it is necessary to stay at home, but there are many cultural options! Online visits are listed in the potential new sources of revenue for museums.

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