Orchestras: Post-concert emailing - the step towards a successful spectator-ambassador relationship

Post-concert emailing: the step towards the success of your spectator-ambassador relationship

Establishing highly personalized communication can be a real challenge for relations and audience development officers. This requires a thorough knowledge of your audience, the implementation of strategies to collect and manage their data, and the development of effective targeted messages. To help you in your digital communication strategy,you can count on the expertise of our team of experts.Arenametrix.

Here we offer you our cooperation with theOrchestre National d'Île de France. The structure wanted to acquire a simple tool that would allow the entire communication department to use the data collected from their audiences. This tool was to enable real-time communication and promotion of the various shows in different venues in the Paris Region. This is what they initiated with Arenametrix.

Their ambition was to develop a highly personalized link with their audiences. For this purpose, standard email templates were put in place. They allow them to collect the opinions, suggestions and questions of their audience. This additional data allowed them to send practical information on future shows and to launch promotional emailing campaigns to build audience loyalty.

Nora Ouaziz, Audience Relations Manager, said: "Arenametrix helps to develop and retain audiences with its list segmentation tool tailored to each campaign. This tool makes it easy to understand data on audience profiles and behaviour. [Access the certified testimonial]

Discover now the work done on the communication strategy of the Orchestre National d'Île de France:


The orchestra's mission is to bring the symphonic repertoire to life everywhere and for everyone in the Ile-de-France region and to place it within everyone's reach. Made up of 95 permanent musicians, residing at the Philharmonie de Paris, theOrchestre national d'Île de-France gives around a hundred concerts each season throughout the region, thus offering the people of Ile-de-France the richness of a repertoire covering four centuries of music.


The percentage of tickets sold as a result of the promotional campaign.

Apolline Locquet

Apolline Locquet

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Would you like to carry out a data & CDP diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your slot.

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