Our results

Our results: what is the return on investment* of using Arenametrix?

*under the constraint that the event organizer's team is involved in the project and follows the recommendations of the Arenametrix experts

Increase in Income

Ticketing income | sponsorship | shop
Churn reduction
Direct sales

Optimisation of communication
with visitors

Increase of the qualified database from 20% to 50%
3 times more fields filled in the database
Emailing opening rate on average: 40%
Emailing click rate on average: 5 to 10%
Emailing generating between 5 and 20 times their cost in additional revenue

Efficiency and safety

Risk of being caught out by a control GDPR divided by 4
One day of data handling saved per week in the communication/ticketing department
Obtaining a "digital marketing" certification that is rewarding
Reduction in round trips to data files

Increased income