Paris Basketball twins statistics

Professional Sport: How to acquire new fans with statistical twins?

How to acquire new fans with statistical twins

The Paris Basketball Paris Basketball is a French basketball club created in July 2018. Housed at the Halle Carpentier, it plays in the second division (Pro B) of the French championship. The club aspires to develop its brand and fan base before reaching the Elite (Pro A) in three years. 

In the context of sports marketing, an audience or target is said to be " look alike "In the context of sports marketing, an audience or target is a target determined by its similarity to your usual audiences. Based on an analysis of the characteristics of your fans, an advertising target is established that consists of individuals who resemble (look alike) to these audiences. This audience can be determined "simply" from a statistical analysis of socio-demographic data, behavioral data, or the interests of your fans. This audience can also be referred to as " twin audiences ».

We propose you here our collaboration with Paris Basketball. Newcomer in the world of French pro basketball, Paris Basketball has the ambition to quickly climb the ladder to become the reference club in the capital. To feed this objective, one of the major challenges is to quickly build a base of loyal fans who identify with the values of the club. To do this, the club wants to develop Facebook campaigns look alike campaigns to attract new supporters and optimize the fill rate of the Halle Carpentier at each new match.

Vincent Bot, ticketing manager and CDP, expresses his satisfaction with Arenametrix: "Thanks to the connection between Arenametrix and Facebook, we have reached new audiences similar to our existing ones . [Access the certified testimonial].


The number of tickets sold during the Facebook campaign period (i.e. 807 euros of sales generated, for every 100 spent)

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Paris Basketball twins statistics

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