How to use Pims and Arenametrix in a complementary way to manage your marketing activity?

How to use Pims and Arenametrix in a complementary way to manage your marketing activity?

Since this autumn, Arenametrix and Pims have strengthened their links by establishing a connection between their two solutions. Complementary, the two tools are jointly used by Juliette Fouasse, communication manager at Allo Floride.
Pims as a sales analysis and scoring solution, and Arenametrix as a spectator data management tool. Juliette tells us more about her use of the two solutions.

Juliette, can you introduce Allo Florida to someone who does not know your company?

We like to define ourselves as an artist's house. At the beginning, 9 years ago, we were only a tour manager and producer: we dealt with a catalogue of events that we sold directly to venues. We then developed an activity by opening physical venues, first Ground Control, then the Sacré in Paris (formerly know as the Social Club) and the Dock B in Pantin. We also have a third activity directly in contact with artists: we are a label, manager and also a publisher. So we have a very broad spectrum: we can take care of a single aspect of an artist's activity, or on the contrary, offer a 360° support.

As far as the spectators are concerned, is there a typical profile that emerges among the spectators in your database?

Yes, if we look at the data of our contacts in Arenametrix who come from our Allo Floride Live activity, or at the profile of people who follow us on social media, we observe the same typology of public. We find a loyal audience of young people aged 15-35, a little more male than female. But we also have data on the label and management part, which includes professional contacts with files of artists and more institutional partners.

Arenametrix allows you to centralise this data. Can you explain what you do with it?

Yes, I use Arenametrix for my touring activity but also for the management activity or venue management. I use the tool first to segment my data and then to send targeted communications.

I edit my content using different types of newsletters, accomodating each one, depending on it being for corporate partners, the press or the institutions with which I collaborate. As far as data is concerned, it's a daily job with regular updating of contacts.

However, it is the individual audience aspect that I find it most interesting because we have much more data: I can, for instance , segment audiences according to their musical tastes. More recently, I have adapted this targeting by creating bridges by affinity between artists. When we have a Synapson, I will go and find the audience of artists like Fakear for example. I also use geographical targeting. We recently held the "Baisers volés" festival in Saint-Malo, and Arenametrix allowed me to target my entire Breton audience, all past events considered.

And if we now focus on Pims, how do you use it? How will the connection of the tool with Arenametrix allow you to go further?

I use Pims every day, on my activity as a tour manager and producer (Allo Floride live). Pims is mainly used to make scores and to check the status of my sales. I send reviews every Tuesday and Friday to my partners and internally. For example, when we're doing an international artist's tour, I send his agent reviews of sales to date every Tuesday and Friday.

Now that the period of cancellations and postponements seems to be behind us, I would also like to use the Pims dashboard that allows me to analyse the impact of my communication plan (billboards, street marketing, Facebook, web display, like with Klox...) on my sales curves. This is where the connection with Arenametrix will be interesting because I will be able to see directly on my Pims sales charts the impact of each marketing action and especially of each newsletter sent from Arenametrix. I will only need one click to integrate my campaign data from Arenametrix.

And what could you add for structures that want to better understand how Pims and Arenametrix are two different tools?

The two tools are indeed completely different: Pims is first of all a tool for scoring and monitoring sales in real time whereas Arenametrix is a relational, data management and marketing activation tool.

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