Editorial planning: an essential tool for marketing professionals

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Editorial planning is an essential part of your marketing strategy. The idea is simple: it is a document, usually in the form of a table, that allows you to determine in advance the content to be produced for future periods. This table also provides information about the author (the one in charge of creating the content), the type of content, the publication date, the target, the title, the progress, the keywords...

The objective being to have a global vision, this planning allows you toimprove the quality of your content.

This is why you need to set up an editorial calendar.

- Simplified content creation means that your employees have greater long-term visibility, can organise their work more easily and adapt to deadlines. 

- A regular publication rhythm, essential for the loyalty of your readers, thanks to the anticipation of low periods. 

- Diverse content formats.

- A coherence of your strategy thanks to a global vision of the contents. At a glance, you can see past and future publications and determine whether they are in line with your editorial line. 

- The end of the anguish of the blank page; in fact, listing all the ideas of topics for which to create content, allows you to start writing with clear ideas and not to find yourself in the situation where you wonder the day before what content you will be able to share the next day.

There are various tools for this.

- Excel, certainly the most commonly used tool. 

- Outlook and its easy-to-use editorial planning system.

- For WordPress users, there is the "Editorial Calendar" plugin.

- Trello, collaborative project management tool.

So to help you set up an effective editorial strategy, we have created a calendar of events for the coming year, which can be downloaded free of charge

The use of such a calendar is the assurance of a reactive and efficient strategy. 

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