Profession of Faith Arenametrix

Events have this exceptional, almost magical ability to carry us away in a flood of emotions. The competition for our attention has never been stronger: everything is event-driven by marketing giants with an exponentially growing footprint. 

The sports, culture, entertainment and tourism industries can no longer rely solely on the quality of their content to attract audiences. In a society where everything is just a click away, in the age of Netflix and other platforms, they must enhance the value of their creations and make them accessible to as many people as possible. The stakes are also high for the "unreached public" and access for all to quality cultural content.

Our cultural and sporting industries have the strength to benefit from a strong emotional relationship with their visitors, spectators and fans. What so many brands try to create, our sector has in essence. Based on the gold mine of their visitor data, the cultural and sports industries have a major challenge for their future development vis-à-vis the web giants: to recover control of their data and the direct link with their communities, which is their main asset.

At Arenametrix, we fight every day to constitute one of the key links in this long chain of preservation and development of our cultural and creative industries: that of an exploitation of data respectful of the legislation, facilitated for the producers of events, and put at the service of the spectators.

So, we are talking about professional and simplified data management for the event industry. Data as a new asset so that you can do what you like best: make us dream!

Dear Emotional Creators, we are at your service so that your data strengthens your position, and develops the emotions of your audiences.

Long live emotion! 

Ludovic Bordes

Co-founder & Managing Director

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