Professional sports evening

Professional sports evening - University of Rouen

Professional sports evening - University of Rouen


On the occasion of the third edition of the Soirées du Sport Professionnel, Master 2 MMSSP received Pierre Gautier , our sports market manager. In the company of the students Hugo Andrieu, Valentin Coustel and Raphaël Niaulon Pierre spoke about the benefits of using data-sponsoring CDM and the data-sponsoring for sports institutions. 


  • What strategy should CDM adopt?
  • Introduction to data-sponsoring
  • Question and answer session

We thank theUniversity of Rouen for its invitation and the students and professionals present for the privileged time we were able to have. Pierre remains available to discuss these themes which are particularly close to its heart.

Pierre Gautier Arenametrix

Pierre Gautier

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