We are now referenced on the UGAP "multi-publisher" market.


Tech'4'team is part of the software present in the AGPAU catalogue.

What's the UGAP?

L’UGAP is a public industrial and commercial establishment created in 1985 and placed under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Finance and Public Accounts and the Ministry of National Education.

She is now theFrance's only "generalist" central purchasing agency and is a specific player in public procurement.

The UGAP provides public purchasers with a catalogue of more than 1500 softwares through his multi-publisher software offer. This catalogue, having been compiled following a survey of the software needs of all public purchasers, is distinguished by its completeness.

The aim is to centralize and streamline software purchases by public bodies.

Publisher referenced UGAP
But what's in it for you?
  • Immediate purchase with a waiver of procedure 
  • Guaranteed long-term economic performance 
  • A network of 600 advisors 
  • A site to carry out your quotes and orders 
  • A very important time saving

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