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Convincing undecided spectators with abandoned shopping cart reminders

Convincing undecided spectators with abandoned shopping cart reminders

75,6% ! This is the average rate of online shopping cart abandonment across all sectors in 2018 (source: SalesCycle). Shopping cart abandonment occurs when potential ticket buyers select seats on your box office without finalising their booking. While the abandonment rate continues to rise, theatres have an effective way to act. They can easily convince certain Internet users who are already committed to completing their reservation thanks to a simple lever: abandoned shopping carts email reminders.

Abandoned cart reminders: what is it?

Abandoned cart reminder emails are the best way to re-engage a contact who was interested in your event but did not complete their booking. This reminder can be triggered with contacts in your database who have left their browser after placing their order in the shopping cart. The idea is to remind them that there is still time to finalise their reservation.

With Arenametrix this email can be fully automated and personalised. The Crazy Horse which has implemented this mechanism at the end of the purchase process, has chosen to personalise each emails according to the package chosen by the customer at the time of booking (show, show + champagne, VIP experience etc.). On average, 46% of their abandoned basket reminder emails are opened.

What are the reasons for giving up the tickets you selected in the shopping cart?

There are many reasons for giving up a shopping basket during purchase: let's take a look at the most common ones in the entertainment sector.

The Internet user is simply in a research behaviour. It is possible that, despite the fact that they have put their order in the shopping cart, they are still in the process of making a decision and their hypothesis of a cultural cultural has not yet been decided. This is a crucial moment: the potential buyer is interested in your event but is still hesitating and wants to compare it to others and/or discuss it with the people who will be accompanying him.

The Internet user is comparing prices. If your tickets are sold on different sites, the Internet user may take the time to compare the price of a purchase on your site with a retailer's site. Or they may compare the cost of tickets to your show with a show they consider equivalent.

The purchasing process is complex / a technical problem may have occurred. The purchase path for a ticket can sometimes be complex (or not very mobile-friendly) and require a large number of clicks before the booking can be validated. If this reason is identified, work needs to be done on your purchasing process, but the reminder of an abandoned cart can also be used as a lever to help the customer finalise their booking.

A lack of payment options / an incident. The buyer may also abandon his shopping cart because he does not know how to use a particular payment method (a credit note for example or a cultural gift voucher) or abandon his basket involuntarily after having forgotten to validate the bank security (double validation with a mobile application for example).

Abandoned shopping cart reminders: a suitable mechanism for performing arts shows?

Apart from sales where your stock of tickets is very limited and can run out in a matter of hours, abandoned cart reminders can be very effective in addressing the various reasons outlined below and helping a potential buyer to finalise their booking.

Abandoned shopping carts are even particularly suitable for events that have a long marketing period (long time between the sale and the show) and a need for continuous promotional effort. This is the case for the Crazy Horse, a cabaret with which we have implemented this mechanism, and which is giving extremely promising results in terms of conversion (see the results of our collaboration here).

Our tips for an effective dunning mechanism

Content of the email, timing of the reminder, sequence of reminders... Several parameters can be combined to create an effective reminder mechanism. Would you like us to help you optimise your buying process and convert your contacts into spectators? We will be happy to discuss this with you: contact us !

Would you like to know more about the steps and results of the collaboration between Arenametrix and the Crazy Horse?

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