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Federations: Retain your licensees

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The renewal of licensees is an important issue for a Federation, often subject to a high loss rate from one season to the next. Building loyalty among members is an essential issue; it characterises the dynamism of a Federation, provides economic support for the development of the sport and contributes to the attractiveness of sponsorship. To help you in your loyalty strategy youcan count on the expertise oftheArenametrix teamto guide you.

Here we offer you our cooperation with The French Handball Federation. In two years the number of licensees has increased from 550,000 (after the World Championships) in 2017 to 490,000 licensees in 2019. The Federation's ambition was to launch a loyalty programme to counter this decline and to begin the process of winning back members. This is what they achieved from June to September 2020 through a campaign aimed at licensees.

For Romain Petiteau, his Digital communication manager: " Arenametrix has enabled us to simplify all our processes. Theautomation of certain flows has enabled us to save time and be more efficient in our relations with our licensees" .

Discover now the work done around the communication strategy of the French Handball Federation. [Go to the certified testimonial]

employee retention

5th Sports Federation (in terms of number of licensees), the French Handball Federation manages the practice of handball in France since 1941. In addition to the 490.000 licensed players for 2.372 clubs, it ensures the competitiveness of the French Handball Teams.


The average opening rate of emails sent to licensees over the 3 months of the campaign.

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