ARENAMETRIX is an all-in-one, easy-to-use web application for structures of any size.


Marketing Campaigns

Sales Reporting


Directly connected with your ticketing software
ARENAMETRIX automatically retrieves all your data from your ticketing software. Almost all software on the market is connected. Without any effort on your part, your ticketing data is synchronized, cleaned and enriched. And even if you change your ticketing software, ARENAMETRIX will allow you to reconcile in a single application your data from the old and the new system. Always without any effort.
All your data in one application
Combine all your data: access control, CRM, emailing, newsletter, digital guestbook, etc. In addition to your ticketing software, ARENAMETRIX is connected with numerous tools. You can also import your own files manually. Thus, regardless their source, your data is centralised and standardised which allows you to build efficient marketing strategies.
View your contacts at 360°
With ARENAMETRIX you get a complete view of the interactions with each contact. You know what a person has bought, the events they have attended, the marketing campaigns they have received, opened, clicked, etc. With ARENAMETRIX you have 100% control over your relationship with your audiences.
centralize your data