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Data Sponsorship

At Arenametrix, we strongly believe in a new era of sponsorship that will unlock a resource that is currently under-utilized: your digital audiences and CDP. 

This will involve better monetization of your data and your digital ecosystem... just like a media (but better!).

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Data sponsorship, why?

Everything changed profoundly with the advent of digital technology. Everything? No... As audiences accumulate in your digital ecosystem and become more engaged than for any brand, you continue to place media exposure at the top of the benefits for your advertisers.


Today, these same advertisers are investing more and more in digital, a playground where targeting and measurement are king. So, isn't it time to dust off your offers and unlock this potential for your sponsors?

Our vision: you are a platform

Consider this approach: you are a solution provider for your partners. By offering a quality digital ecosystem, you will be able to offer your sponsors a range of rights and activations to meet their objectives and ensure their marketing performance. Their loyalty will be facilitated. 

Value your audiences

One question we ask: why focus all your efforts on monetizing an audience of 30,000 people every two weeks and - for the lucky ones - basing your business model on hypothetical TV rights when you can activate thousands of fans every day?


The answer certainly lies in the absence of a viable business model in the digital environment. This is the mission that we found at Arenametrix. Discover our monetization key...

Our support

We bring our expertise to bear on your entire sponsorship value chain. Our digital and data-driven marketing approaches help you to :

  • Enhance your audiences: audit your platforms
  • Market your offer: rights listing, valuation according to proprietary models based on the media industry, strategic planning, etc.
  • Marketing your packages: training your sales team
  • Loyalty: culture of loyalty through data, performance measurement

Your audiences are just waiting to be valued... so what are you waiting for to create new sponsorship opportunities for yourself?

Our difference

Proprietary Tools

Market expertise

Coaching and training

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Go for it!

Arenametrix is the CDP number 1 in the market of professional clubs, federations or sports events.

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