Arenametrix for B2B: new module

Business Development

The business development module, integrated into the Arenametrix ecosystem, gives you the possibility to : 

  • Centralize your B2B information
  • Generate leads
  • Optimize your prospecting 
  • Control your sales and invoicing processes

So we don't lose any more business opportunities...

  • Inbound marketing is about bringing the customer to you rather than picking him up. It is an essential practice to better consider the customer's buying cycle.
  • Outbound marketing is a more traditional approach to get prospects where they are.

Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Lead chaud ?

Electronic signature

Business Proposal

Actions commercialesrelationnelles / automatiques

Entry into the commercial pipeline



... and gain in efficiency!

  • The weapons of the salesman: opportunities, tasks and automation
  • Electronic signature and online invoicing  
  • Integrated accounting interface
  • Inventory management on your product catalogue


Analyses & reporting

Managing your commercial activity

Users of the "Business Development" module


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