Build loyalty: Automatic e-mail notification of the near end of a subscription 

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is about automating repetitive and tedious tasks. This saves you precious hours of time to focus on the big picture and your long-term strategy. It is also a great way to improve the experience of your audiences and the relationship you have with them...

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Improve customer retention of your audience

Very often, subscription offers offered to the public and giving access to your museum, concert hall, auditorium and many other benefits are only valid for one year

It is essential to warn your subscribers of the end of their subscription's validity, thus encouraging them to renew their subscription, but your employees don't have the time to look daily at the number of subscribers whose subscriptions end in the following days, let alone contact them in the process.

Creation of the marketing scenario automation

This scenario triggers an automatic email to each subscriber whose subscription expiry date is approaching according to your needs. In addition, this email contains all the information necessary to re-register your subscriber, facilitating the re-subscription process

What you can expect from this scenario

- Saving of time

- Increase in the number of re-subscriptions

- Improving theexperience of audiences

- Creating new opportunities


Go for it!

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