bayonese rowing user testimony

Sports Clubs: Keep your fan community going!


Ticketing managers and communication managers, do you also want to internalize a software CDP to your ticketing service in order to have a better management capacity of your numerous data?

Are you looking for an easy to install and use tool to animate your fan community, better understand them and engage your audiences?

The sports club L'Aviron Bayonnais had the same objectives as you and now places its trust in Arenametrix CDP and its support team, with whom a collaborative effort has been initiated.

Guillaume BOURGIER, current Ticketing Manager for the Aviron Bayonnais rugby pro gives you his testimony!

" Thanks to the quality of the human support and the ease of use of the software, I can engage my community in just a few clicks," says Guillaume BOURGIER. [Access the certified testimonial].


bayonese rowing user testimony

L’Aviron Bayonnais rugby pro is the rugby section founded in 1904 of Aviron Bayonnais, an all-round sports club based in Bayonne in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. The club, currently chaired by Phillippe Tayeb, plays in the Top 14 league championship.

30 %

On each mail opening rate.

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A loyalty strategy is based on a successful CDP strategy, to offer your fans content that will interest them.

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