use case OGCNice

Sports clubs: marketing automation to enhance the fan experience.

Save time and keep your fans loyal!

The Marketing Automation is to automate regular tasks such as sending mail or SMS. It's also a great way to improve your fans' experience and the relationship you have with them

It is interesting for sports clubs to have a tool that allows this automation. Relationship marketing is a way to engage, develop and retain your fans by offering them personalized content: welcoming new subscribers, relaunching abandoned baskets or even celebrating the birthdays of the most loyal fans! 

Discover the testimony of Nina Jeanrat, project manager CDP, at theOGC Nice.
With Arenametrix, Nina has understood the logic of marketing automation and wishes to generalise these practices to the general public! 

use case OGCNice

L'Olympique Gymnaste Club de Nice, commonly abbreviated to OGC Nice, is a French football club founded in 1904.
It is a historical club of French and European football .

"We plan to generalize these practices to the general public, that is to say all the fans of the club."

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Olivier Spaeth

Olivier Spaeth

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