Ski resort customer relationship

Ski resorts: Improve your customer relationship management with CRM !

Improve your customer relationship management thanks to CRM

The current energy crisis and the uncertainties that accompany it particularly affect the players in the leisure world. This is why it has never been more important for ski resorts to improve their relationship with their customers and thus build loyalty. Offering differentiated approaches for each type of visitor, by providing personalized experiences is a vector of satisfaction and loyalty. Ski resorts collect huge amounts of data, yet it is difficult for them to extract relevant information from it. What if the democratization of CDP was a solution of choice for the optimization of ski resort marketing?

What are the challenges in improving customer relations?

Ski resort customer relationship

Ski resorts are concerned about retaining visitors. Indeed, the Val Thorens ski resort shares that, if nothing is done, 80% of First Timers are likely to become One Timers (80% of new visitors will not return). To improve customer relations, it is essential to know the "customer". However, for ski resorts, a certain number of obstacles must be overcome: 

  • The data left by visitors during their stay is scattered in the databases of several actors: ski schools, shopkeepers, ski lifts, etc.
  • These data are often poorly qualified due to the lack of a common policy for managing them. 
  • Only a small proportion of visitors can be reached by the stations. 

These points greatly limit the ski resorts' knowledge of visitors and prevent them from creating a highly personalized link with them.

What are the solutions that ski resorts can implement ?

Ski customer relationship management

We observe initiatives within ski resorts that often lead to the creation of Customer Relationship Management tools. The CRM allows to transform raw data into usable data on a single interface thanks to a connection to all data sources: partner management, package data, accommodation, activities, access control.

  • The Val Thorens mountain resort has introduced a VT Pass privilege card. It enables to centralise all visitor data via a single medium. In 2015, this resort won the prize for the best Customer Relationship Management site (CRM).
  • Another example is the ski resort of La Plagne . It has integrated a banking service into its ski pass, which allows the resort to centralise all of its visitors' transactions, either directly on the slopes or at the resort's shops.

What results can bring the use of a CRM tool for ski resorts?

ski CDP

The initiatives presented allow tracking data to be retrieved, linked to the GPS information of tourists, making it possible for marketing managers to create real maps of visitor activities. This data is also used to establish accurate visitor profiles. Thomas Saison, Marketing Director at La Plagne at Compagnie des Alpes, says in interview for Tourmag : " I can confirm that La Plagne is a top level ski resort. Our clients ski an average of 5 hours a day. This statistic goes against the grain of studies on the practice of the activity, as we don't see any erosion. Moreover, we can better qualify the profiles of our customers. The over-represented group in our resort is the 35-50 year olds. ».

This increased knowledge of visitor profiles allows the implementation of automated marketing actions to improve customer relations: 

  • Creation of rankings and listings of the resorts' best customers. These customers can receive special attention from the resort. For example, they will have access to exclusive activities and events.
  • recommending activities based on client visit history
  • sending personalized reminders
  • sending emails and sms at key stages of the customer's stay. They will receive a welcome message on arrival, suggestions for activities during their stay and a satisfaction surveyon departure.

The data collected may also allow :

  • to detect under-utilized facilities in order to send a communication encouraging visitors to visit them. This makes queues more fluid and contributes to a better skiing experience.
  • to establish dynamic pricing offers, e.g. by suggesting an early bird package.


Understanding visitor behaviour is key to delivering unique customer experiences and building loyalty. Big Data technologies coupled with the use of a CRM offer ski resorts unlimited possibilities for improving their customer relations. It is therefore in the interest of ski resorts to develop their digital devices to understand their visitors and establish an ultra-personalized link with them. The Arenametrix experts Our experts are available to help you do this.

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