The 4 strategies that work for a subscription campaign

Successful subscription campaign

The 4 strategies that work for a subscription campaign.

The subscriber is at the top of the club's CDP pyramid, just below the ambassadors' box, the holy grail of club communities that should be targeted to benefit from micro-influencers in their own community. That's how important a subscription campaign is. A crucial moment in the off-season, we were able to study in our white paper released last spring, we were able to study all the methods to prepare it well, since it is a question of renewing a maximum number of members to this product andencouraging the other communities of the club (first-time buyers, regular buyers, former subscribers, etc.) to join the family. A few months later, we can learn from what has worked, despite the current context which has not helped us but has forced us to reinvent ourselves. This resilience will bring us positives in the future, let's be sure. Here's a look at the 4 methods that have worked. 

1 Your assets: the sportsman

There's nothing like using the players to put your message across: new season, new momentum, new project... the fans want to be part of this story. There's nothing like the word of a President, a coach or an iconic player to get that message across to them. Many tools are available today to do so: sender's name (email or SMS), campaign objects, link to a video hosted on your website, messages left on an answering machine... your marketing creativity does the rest. Some communications have reached record opening rates of up to 80%.

2.the media plan: adapt your discourse

The media plan will follow the logic of the information and content you wish to convey, from the launch of the campaign to the conversion phone call, the resumption of training, the captain's message, etc. You will thus be able to easily adapt your speech according to the position of the fan in your commercial funnel, from the information intake to the conversion. Don't forget to put performance indicators (renewal rate, number of new subscribers, scale-up vs. previous seasons, opening rate, click rate, churn rate, etc.) on your media plan in order to better control the success of your campaign.

3. giving value to your messages

Emotion and personalisation must be reflected in your email, SMS, social media, etc. contact points. To give value to your communications, favour unique objects (example: Antoine, discover the club's project for this new season) and precise content (word from the President, resumption of training, release of the calendar, etc.) to fulfil the role of a contact point: send your fans to your digital platforms. When we know that our attention span is counted in seconds, you will have all the difficulties to interest your audience if you build long emails (look at your reactivity rate to analyse your emails - if it is less than 15%, it means that the structure of the email is perfectible).

4. Scoring, the fatal weapon

Not all subscribers are the same. Some have been loyal for 10 years and will take up the habit anyway when others subscribed last year, with a poor sports season and few benefits other than the price. Are you going to send them a consistent message in the off-season? Of course not. All the more so as the analysis of churn in previous years tells us that the younger the fan is and the further away from the stadium, the more likely he is not to renew his subscription (logical but with the figures, the strategy to adopt becomes more relevant). We are therefore able to score the fans and adopt a personalized marketing, depending on the profile and the reasons for purchase. We thus vary the product, the content of the communications and the number of points of contact in order to optimize the sales of the subscription product.

We saw this in the white paperthe subscription is at a turning point in his life. The outburst of time consuming energy to renew fans, the ageing of our bases, the uncertainty linked to the current hosting conditions are pushing us to invent the product of tomorrow, the one that will allow all communities of fans to find themselves in the club's project. This year, the Chamonix Pioneers have tested a subscription to the club rather than a one-season subscription, with an economic format "à la Netflix", which offers great opportunities for growth with also its share of challenges to maintain a year-round relationship.

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