Ticketing: The 3 steps to a successful subscription campaign

Making your subscription campaign a success

Subscription, a product in mutation

In the context of our digital transformation, many experts have announced the scheduled end of the subscription model. As fans are increasingly volatile and digitalized, the biggest challenge for clubs is to bring flexibility and transform the subscription product into year-round experiences that will make subscribers feel like full members of the community.

In this article we would like to introduce you to the 3 key steps that will allow you to make your subscription campaign a success. Our white paper can be consulted at the bottom of the page and goes into depth on each of them.

1. THE OFFER: Meeting your fans' expectations

The fans' sense of belonging must be achieved through dedicated events, an exclusive experience, unique targeted products that are not commercialised, the famous "money can't buy""," explains Lucy Forestier, LOU Rugby's ticketing manager. This notion of user experience was first introduced in 1995 by Apple employees who analysed consumer emotions and behaviour when using their products. 25 years later, it has become a standard in our economy. And even more so in sports, where the customer is above all a fan, with a particularly strong emotional connection to your club.

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2. MARKETING: The key factors of success

The success of your campaign will depend on your preparation beforehand: 

  • Set goals SMART (Sspecific, Mesurable, Atinkerable, Realist, Temporel).
  • Define your strategy according to the segmentation of the profiles in your database: subscribers from the previous season, loyal customers, former subscribers to be won back, high potentials, etc.
  • Use scoring (a statistical technique used as a decision support tool) to estimate the likelihood of a fan to re-subscribe. 

Enough to feed your business strategy!

3. COMMUNICATION: Telling a Story

Planning ahead of your sales cycles is an important step in your future success. Each segment created will have its own sales strategy that will be embellished by storytelling to engage the fan in his subscription funnel. Aligning ticketing with communication will be crucial to ensure that your product meets the expectations of your fans and that it can inspire the emotions of the next season from the very first email...

Loyalty: the continuation of your campaign

" The fervour of fans is expressed at the stadium, of course, but also on social media, and in particular that of all the fans who follow their favourite clubs from a distance. The notion of a loyalty programme is an old one, as it is almost inherent to the commercial activity. " Etienne Oddon, President and Founder of Leoo.

Once your subscription campaign is over, the subscribers will come and feed your pyramid CDP in the corresponding box; there is only one lever left to activate to make them Ambassadors of your club. It is precisely on this potential of prescription that we will be able to work by creating a relational program connected to the supporters with advantages, exclusivities, contents, rewards... which will act as a pillar of your promotion and loyalty strategy. Your subscribers will become your Ambassadors on whom you can rely during the next marketing campaigns...

The pyramid CDP of Arenametrix

To go further in your strategy CDP, we propose this article on the advantages for sports clubs to have a CDP to centralize their data.

Pierre Gautier, Arenametrix sport manager, gives us the keys to using data in a club ticketing strategy! SporTech FR

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