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Discover why our clients choose Arenametrix to develop their audiences and create emotion. 

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bayonese rowing

Bayonnais Rowing

"Arenametrix is a simple, easy-to-use analysis tool. We have a real support - and we evolve quickly from simple functionalities to advanced ones! »

Guillaume Bourgier

Ticketing Manager
Domaine de Chantilly

Chantilly Castle

"Arenametrix is a very intuitive tool that provides comprehensive marketing reports »

Elodie Espargelière

Communication Officer
Logo The phoenix

The phoenix

"Thanks to Arenametrix, the ticketing team, marketing, communication and management are working more effectively and collaboratively. »

Carole Raphanel

Marketing, Ticketing and Reception Manager

Containment Testimonials

The comfort of having a remote solution like Arenametix

Equinox Apollo Logo

Equinox National Scene

"Wherever we are, all our teams can connect to Arenametrix to check our stats, especially since we didn't have access to our remote ticketing software. »

Julie Bonnet-Roger

Communications Director


"We've used Arenametrix a lot to send out consistent newsletters that are adapted to the different targets we address."

Laurence Chansigaud

Head of Communication