Theaters: optimize your mailing campaigns and generate additional sales!

Increase your fill rate through better communication

Stop everything, and read carefully what follows! 

Ticketing managers, audience development managers,
you are looking for a new tool to increase the efficiency of your campaigns. You want a platform that allows you to have a global vision of your audiences. And you want to improve your communication with them?

Think CRM !

Discover the testimony of Stéphanie Bucovaz, community manager and ticket agent for the Théâtre des Variétés .

" With Arenametrix, we were able to reach a specific audience and generate additional sales for Michèle Bernier's show! "says Stéphanie. Indeed, the relevance of targeting during a digital campaign allows for an increase in the fill rate.

Classified as a historical monument, the Variety Theatre is one of the oldest active theatres in Paris. Inaugurated in 1807, its portico - adorned with the original pierre lintel - continues to host glorious evenings with the same enchanting force.

Turnover generated in less than
24 hours 


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