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Closed theatres: what are the basic projects to prepare for the recovery?

Closed theatres: what are the basic projects to prepare for the recovery?

With the crisis and its consequences on our cultural venues, it is very difficult to project oneself into performance halls that are once again open and full to bursting point. And yet! While the current period is full of uncertainty, we know that the crisis will pass and theatres will reopen. We will then have to be ready to resume an active dialogue with the audience. And to start thinking now about relevant marketing strategies for engage the public and get them to come. So despite the uncertainty, how best to prepare for the recovery?

Data: make a diagnosis of its database

First question to ask, which will depend on the level digital maturity of your structure: what is the status of your database ? Is it centralized? Qualified? Does its framework comply with the regulations in force (RGPD) ? Does it allow you to get to know your audience and segment them in a way that relevant?

A well-managed and easy-to-use database is first and foremost a database that centralizes all the points of contact with your spectators. Among your sources of informationthere's the ticketing, but also your website (newsletter subscription form), a guestbook or the data from your social networks (contests). Centralizing your contacts in a single database allows you to qualify your audiences, analyze their behavior, their interests and target them more effectively tout of respecting their communication preferences. Consents, promotional newsletter or service mail, opt-in, opt-out...These concepts are unclear for you? Consult our article dedicated to this theme to get a clearer picture.

A healthy database: qualified and responsive contacts

This stage of centralisation, knowledge and segmentation is already rs home ? Bravo! Next step: make sure your base is in good health. Are your contacts active and responsive? Make sure they are! Start by identifying your inactive contacts by carrying out your analysis over a significant period (preferably before the health crisis). You will be able to then put on incumbent a creative reactivation operation and definitively exclude from your mailings contacts who are no longer interested in your communications (change of address, moving house etc...). The performance of your campaigns will be greatly improved at the time of the takeover. An operation that is easy to set up using a centralized database and connected to an email and sms campaign management module such as Arenametrix.

Louvre email reactivation
Newsletter on the reactivation of the Louvre Museum

Maintaining a dialogue with the public

Other advice never completely break the link with your audience, even if you remain closed from mextended period of time. This, in order to retain the benefit of the dialogue already established with your faithful audiences.. But also for more technical reasons of performance of your email campaigns and more specifically deliverability at the time of your reopening! Since ISPs and email clients favour regularity of sending, they may find your messaging account suspicious.agerie. And block your mailings if you have been dormant since October 2020 and suddenly start sending thousands of emails.

And just because you're closed doesn't mean you have nothing to say! Your archives are fullc menontentions, recordings or historical anecdotes that your audiences have heard will be excited about (re)decopenir. N’feel free to to use them to send out a few communications before the reopening. Your current organization does not allow you to relaunch campaigns now? Don't panic: just take the time toorganize carefully the resumption of your mailings at the next renewal.rture. PutThe aim is to set up targeted mailings and to leave out my mailings at the start of the project.ssives. N’Do not hesitate to be accompanied by an expert at that time.

Development of new audiences and relational strategy

Your database is healthy, qualified and you know how to segment your audiences to send them the right message at the right time. Perfect: you already have the right assets in hand to retain your audience. But be careful not to lose sight of your other goal: the development of new advertisinglics.


PThe first thing to check is that spectators who spontaneously take an interest in your work will beus et who are a privileged audience, can they easily subscribe to your newsletter? If you have set up an online registration formit'sis it case. But what happens next: do the addresses of these new registrants instantly go back into your database? Will this audience that is very eager to receive information from you receive it quickly after they register? In some organizations, it is not uncommon to leave these new registrants aside for too long because you don't have time to manually integrate them into the next editions of the newsletter.nvois.

Communication preferences and first relational steps

This audience has spontaneously shown an interest in you, they want to hear from you: pamper them. Start with set up a registration confirmation email which outlines the types of communication you will send or offer to register based on your points of interestêts (the gThe differentiated consent feature is a new feature of Arenametrix). Then, don't wait until you have a show to propose to him to send him an email: write him a few days later. Then initiate the first chapter of the relationship that opens up between you as you welcome him. For example by presenting the history of your place or by telling him what makes your artistic project special, through video content for example. A stage of communication which, after having been well thought out, may be automated and customized through the marketing automation which we'll talk about a little later.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House Welcome Mail

Once all of this is in place, you can begin to think about how you will be able to collect data on the new audiences you want to develop. Think about setting up contests on social networks to develop young and digitally engaged audiences. If you want to capture audiences who are already coming to your home but who have booking habits that are outside your digital environment (spectators who book with retailers in particular), think about designing now a data collection mechanisms in your environment. Are you looking forward to the reopening to schedule an exceptional event? Let your audience know and give them the opportunity to receive an alert when the venue is open. will reopen or that the show will go on sale.

Theatre Edward VII
Registration form for an Event Alert at the Edouard VII Theatre

Knowledge of audiences and their booking habits

B-A-ba audience development and cultural marketing strategies, knowledge of the public is necessarily at the heart of your business whether you are a school manager, ticketing manager, marketing manager or communication officer! A centralized database allows you to segment your audience in just a few clicks to get to know them better. and adapt your communications future.


Do you already know your audiences well and know for example their geographical origin, age or interests? Don't hesitate to look at other indicators related to their booking habits. for the better target your communications. Interested inyou for example to the notion of fidelity to offer subscription packages at recurring spectators or to recent purchaseto imagine targeted communications to spectators who are not who've been coming to your facility for a while.


Are you waiting for the reopening to launch a show-event and thinking about the best time to launch your communication campaign? Identify for example the moments to which your spectators book the most to send them your emails in advance. Analyze the purchase window to find out whether your spectators book 30 days before an event or the day before the event. Or set up an editorial schedule for sending out your communications according to the highlights of your season.

Going further in relationship strategy: marketing automation

The marketing automation it's themarketing automation based on a pre-designed scenario that is triggered according to thee behaviour of your audience. The example we cited above: your audience subscribes to your newsletter, which triggers a confirmation email, and then two days later a welcome email is an example of how your audience behaves.the de marketing automation.


But the potential of marketing automation is larger than this single example. Its only limits? Your creativity and your goals. Your marketing automation scenarios can be designed to trigger a transactional share (basket reminder abandoned or subscribers at the end of their subscription), follow it by preparing the visit to the theatre (sending an email with practical information before a performance), and by preparing for the show (sending an email with practical information before a performance).e or an email of satisfaction about the experience after coming to the theater). Or operate a relational strategy at the service of spectators (Birthday email from the viewer, birthday email from the relationship...).

Paris Opera
Example of a pre-show email from the Paris Opera House

Moving into the digital age: centralized tools and a step-by-step strategy

Whatever the level of maturity of your company's digital strategy, it is important to take the time to think about it and to give yourself the means to implement it. The current period can be the right time to think about it in depth.t de make a diagnosis of the existing situation and prepare for the takeover by setting objectives and a schedule of actions to be implemented.this.

This may also be the time to equip yourself with a facilitating tool and to be accompanied: this is exactly what Arenametrix offers. Arenametrix is a solution that allows you to centralize all your data in a single tool to then analyze your audiences and sales and develop the most targeted and effective marketing actions possible.

Would you like to carry out a data & CDM diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your time.

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