La Ferme du Buisson

Theatres: Maintain a personalized relationship with your contacts thanks to practical information


La Ferme du Buisson brings together a national stage dedicated to live performances, an art centre and a cinema. Some of their events suffered from low attendance. In addition, the structure wanted to acquire a simple tool that would allow the entire communication department to use the data collected from their audiences. The collaboration with Arenametrix was initiated in 2018.

" Thanks to Arenametrix we have better control of our database. This way we communicate in a personalized way and have strengthened our ties with the public. " Teo Septier, communication and social networks manager for La Ferme du Buisson , whose feedback can be found here.

In the coming months, the communication department wishes to turn to a more strategic use of Arenametrix and to acquire new audiences.


La Ferme du Buisson

Place of heritage, la Ferme du Buisson is a model farm dating from the end of the 19th century, now a place of imagination, creation, discovery, clearing.

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