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Your ticketing data: a goldmine for developing your audience

Ticketing data: a goldmine to grow your audience

30/06/2021] 4pm (CEST) English
[30/06/2021] 11am (Paris Zeitzone) German

As events resume, it's time to work on personalising your communications to ensure you reach the right target group with the right message.

🤝 Arenametrix and vivenuTwo major players in the data and ticketing industry are joining forces to share best practices in data-driven marketing and personalised communication.

We believe that well used data represents a huge potential for event producers and venues. Owning and managing your data will allow you to get to know your audience and fans better. Taking control of your data is essential to developing a strong, personalised relationship with the people you are about to welcome back.

Agenda :

  • Good practices for enriching your data
  • Achieving effective multi-channel marketing strategies

Exchange with the speakers

At the end of the presentation, we will be available for a question and answer session.

Solène Jimenez is the Northern Europe Account Manager for Arenametrix, a tool for centralising data and activating innovative marketing strategies.


Visual Solene crop

Solène Jimenez

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