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How to use a show ticketing software to boost your ticket sales? Lunar's president, Jon Robinson, explains marketing techniques that rely on fan data. This article is translated from English https://www.iq-mag.net/2019/07/data-drives-ticket-sales-music-marketer-ears-jon-robinson-lunar/#.XYjHgCgzZPY

Concerts are an artist's greatest source of income. 

Selling the most tickets is therefore a priority. In the digital music age, listeners value experiences with their favourite artists. Most other industries have widely adopted data-driven marketing techniques. Using the right ticketing software for their needs is part of their daily routine. However, there is a gap between the data collected via ticketing platforms and the ability of an event manager to use that data to drive ticket sales. These platforms are designed to facilitate sales, not customer relationship management (CDP).

The data collected on ticket buyers - socio-demographic information, purchase preferences, purchase history, tastes and music preferences - is the treasure trove that allows the personalization of marketing actions. These actions thus contribute to increasing ticket sales.

The objective is to collect as much data as possible on potential and existing spectators.  


One thing is for sure: spectators expect a personalized experience. An artist's biggest fans want to be recognized for their commitment by receiving limited edition products. Rewards for their presence at all concerts, their loyalty are desired. It is through careful analysis of fan data that these super-fans can be identified. They will receive special treatment. It is this treatment that will encourage ticket sales in subsequent years.

With the right marketing tools and strategies, artists and event managers can sell more concert tickets.

show ticketing software


Data Integration Tools

Above all, a data integration tool is required to collect the data entered via a ticketing platform. It allows them to be automatically integrated with sales and marketing tools. Since ticketing platforms were not designed to be customer relationship management tools, the information needed to personalize marketing campaigns, such as dates of birth, geographic data, and ticket and merchandise purchases, remains compartmentalized on the show ticketing software .

The right data integration tool eliminates the traditional manual work of transferring ticketing data to marketing activation tools. Data on demographics, attendance, purchases, etc. is then updated regularly and automatically, just like the tickets purchased.

Database management

Just as important as the data integration tool is the CDP. This is the most important tool for a ticket seller. A CDP should allow for automatic emailing, SMS and targeted campaigns on social media. Find out more about the advantages of CDP.

show ticketing software

Entertainment ticketing software is not a tool CDP


With the right data integration and customer relationship management tools, marketing strategies can be implemented. The goal is to collect as much data as possible about existing and future viewers. To then personalize the campaigns before the event.

Start by using data already collected

When a participant buys a ticket online, it is likely that he or she has already submitted key information. For example, his or her e-mail address, telephone number, address and the geographical area in which he or she is likely to attend concerts are known. Using this data, automatic marketing campaigns will be sent to fans inclined to see the artist again.

Website: highlighting the concert's by-products

The sale of derivative products is an indicator that shows the degree of relationship between a fan and an artist. Fans who visit an artist's website to buy items will be more likely to be on the artist's mailing list. They may wish to receive special offers before a tour. You can go one step further by collecting data from those who are willing to purchase items in advance of the event. Then target an artist's biggest fans with early-bird tickets, meetings, and so on.

Offering privileges to those who have already been there

Using data collected on a ticketing platform, ticket purchase history can be viewed, evaluated for models and used for personalized campaigns. By leveraging the data already available, an artist or event organizer can offer personalized messages to those who meet certain criteria (socio-demographics, buying behavior, music preferences).

Of course, an artist's most loyal fans deserve special attention whenever possible. With the help of the venue data, it is easy to identify committed fans and offer them an unforgettable experience. This data can also be used to identify less committed fans. Then engage them again with the artist - guaranteeing ticket sales for that event. And thus increase the chances of buying another ticket in the future.

Taking advantage of social media

Every marketer understands the importance of having a solid social media strategy before an event. Targeting people who already love and follow an artist makes sense, but implementing lookalike campaigns to develop and target new audiences makes sense.

The most loyal fans deserve special attention whenever possible.

show ticketing software

Data-driven strategies are much easier to implement once datasources are connected to customer relationship management and marketing tools . The gold mine of ticketing data can be fully exploited. Personalization of messages to the fan community and potential new fans is a habit to take.

Sell more tickets!

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Apolline Locquet

Would you like to carry out a data & CDP diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your slot.

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