The TOP 3 of our articles on places to visit in 2020

Top 3 of our Places to Visit 2020 articles

The year 2020/2021 has been marked by a dense news for places of visit and leisure parks. The health situation has had a profound impact on the development strategies of all these structures. In order to turn our backs on it for good and welcome 2021 with open arms, we offer you a selection of our most appreciated blog articles, dedicated to cultural actors. 

3. Museums: innovate with digital technology to find new sources of revenue

Find out how to use the right digital tools to find new sources of revenue for your museum.

2. 6 concrete cases of data marketing in museums

In recent years, museums have used data analysis to find solutions to long-standing problems: for example, creating sustainable revenue streams and attracting new audiences.

1. Museum: how to make the most of your data?

Learn how to get more value from your data with the Dallas Museum of Art and its innovative loyalty program.

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