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The TOP 5 subscription campaigns

Top 5 subscription campaigns

The 2021/2022 season ticket campaign is about to begin and the vagueness has never been more artistic around it. The health situation still doesn't allow fans to reinvest in the sports facilities, but the vaccination is blowing a wind of positivity and hints at a return of spectators for next season. Preparation is key, especially in anticipating the three scenarios of the return: no reception possible, reduced capacity or full capacity. It is in this context that innovation can become the key word for the next subscription campaign. Last year, we began this work with a white paper on the marketing stages. Before launching into the next few weeks with the clubs, here is an overview of the 5 subscription campaigns that have marked us.

5. AC Ajaccio's pre-order subscription

In 2018, theAC Ajaccio proposed to its fans of to re-subscribe or subscribe for the next season regardless of the club's sporting development (at that time, the club was playing the leading roles for ascension to Ligue 1).

Why do we love ? 

  • The subscription is a product that reveals the public's attachment to the club, regardless of the division. This initiative strengthens the link with the fans and the feeling of belonging to the Corsican club. 
  • By encouraging subscribers to take up their season tickets at an early stage, the club capitalizes on its sporting results and engages the first supporters in the subscription product. In addition to a gain in cash flow, what is taken is no longer to be taken!
AJ Ajaccio subscription campaign
Subscription campaign of AC AJACCIO

4. FC Den Bosch's "pay per point" subscription

This is the most original subscription, but also the most risky, where we push our relationship with sports very far. This Dutch first division club offers its subscribers a tailor-made subscription that evolves according to the results of the top team at home. During the 2017/2018 season, the FC Den Bosch marketed a €25 offer that increases according to the team's home results: +€10 win, +€5 draw and +€0 loss.

Why do we love it ?

  • This mechanism helps to convince reluctant subscribers because of the sometimes high access price. It also links the club's community to the result, bringing it closer to the athlete.
  • Defeat has a bitter taste. This subscription allows you to digest it better.

That year, the subscription cost the fans 135€ (8V - 6N - 5D) or 7,10€/match.

FC Den Bosch
FC Den Bosch Subscription Campaign

3. AS Roma's passionate subscription

To launch the 2019/20 season, theAS Roma has created a magnificent video subscription campaign. The campaign highlights the passion of the tifosi, the club's supporters. Known for their commitment, the club gives them a special place in the stadium: "This is where my passion lives.

Why do we love it ?

  • The club is dedicating a central place to the fan in this campaign. Let's not forget that without them, we don't exist. 
  • Fans buy a story (the one you offer them to write about the season), not a product. The subscription campaign is a unique opportunity to tell the story that links the club to its fans, through the codes and emotions conveyed around the match. 
my passion lives here
AS Roma Subscription Campaign

2. The Tottenham Hotspur season ticket

The competition is very strong in London. There are no less than 12 professional clubs in the English capital. In the 2018/2019 season, Tottenham club is the only one to qualify for the most prestigious competition, the Champions League. In its subscription campaign, the club highlights this particularity and implicitly chambers Chelsea and Arsenal, 2 clubs used to this competition. 

Why do we love it ?

  • Rivalry is an integral part of sport. Exacerbating it strengthens the bonds with its community. In 2018/19, taking a season ticket for Tottenham means dominating fans of other London clubs. 
  • Talking about the Champions League means playing the sporting results card. When they're there, you have to play it to the hilt!
mocking subscription
Tottenham Hotspur Subscription Campaign

1. AS Copenhagen's "fashionable" subscription

During the 2017/2018 season, the Danish club experienced some difficulties in renewing its subscribers. That's why, from the following season, they implemented an ultra-flexible subscription model to encourage as many people as possible to join their tier. Taking inspiration from OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime, the club offers a subscription set at £9.44/month (€10.82) over 12 months. Like video content providers, subscribers can unsubscribe at any time after 6 months. 

Why do we love it ?

  • This is an opportunity to win over a new population of subscribers, especially among the new generations who are not very motivated by a year-round commitment. 
  • For fans, paying for a full season is more affordable. 
  • This is an opportunity to revolutionize the product, by subscribing to the club rather than the season, and to combine it with a service offer. Think about those who live far away, maybe they deserve a subscription offer too? 
AS Copenhagen
AS Copenhagen rejuvenate their subscriber base with 'Netflix' subscription

The subscription campaign is a key element for the club since it allows it to prepare its season well by renewing a maximum of members members and by encouraging the other communities of the club (first-time buyers, regular buyers, former subscribers, etc.) to join their family. Club teams work hard every year to evolve their offerings and constantly deliver a more rewarding, personalized and powerful fan more rewarding, personalized and powerful fan experience.

So although the situation is still unclear, there is no doubt that creativity and originality will be back in the air for this new 2021/2022 season.

To go further, you can consult our white paper :

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