Sports Club: Unify BtoC and BtoB strategies to optimize ROI

Sports Club: Unify BtoC and BtoB strategies to optimize ROI

You have data from different sources: ticketing, shop, mobile application, contests, prospecting files... which it is essential to centralize. You can count on the expertise of theArenametrix team to guide you in this task and thus take advantage of your data. We present here the work carried out with the Wolf Burners.

For Damien Liapis, its sales director: " Data collection is essential to better know its customers. We use Arenametrix to centralize our consumer and business data".

A collaboration that is bearing fruit since the segmentation of contacts made possible by Datavisualisation has made it possible to apply a relational strategy with the contacts.

Discover now the collaboration carried out around the unification of BtoB and BtoC strategies:

Founded in 1963, Grenoble Métropôle Hockey 38, more commonly known as " the Brûleurs de Loups "is an ice hockey club involved in the Magnus League, the 1st French division. 7 times French champion, the club plays in an ice rink with a capacity of 4,208 seats.

The size of the database of active prospects, general public and companies offering strategic information. 

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Pierre Gautier Arenametrix

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