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Is Your Data Valuable? | The Digital Zoom - Podcast #1

Is your data valuable?
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As part of our Arenametrix Grand Nord meeting, on Monday 28th January 2019, in Valenciennes, we met with theatres, opera houses, museums, tourist sites, festivals and sports clubs from the north of Franc
. 3 interactive conferences about Data in Entertainment were presented, including one by Ludovic Bordes, co-founder of Arenametrix. This one was about data processing in cultural and sports structures.

You can listen to the podcast of this interview on Spotify, Deezer, Apple and Google Podcast, summarised below!

01'00 - Is your data
You have data about subscribers, social networks or Facebook contests. All this data is present on all your technological systems: Excel files, ticketing software, social networks or centralization tools.
But this data has NO value!
Indeed, it is interesting to have a multitude of data, but as long as you don't know how to analyze, mobilize and gather them, they have no value as such.
The goal: to transform your data into usable information.

02'40 - Digitalisation of the entire cultural sector.
This sector has been gradually digitising for 5 years now. Indeed, your audiences are connected people, for example 4 million searches per minute are made on Google, 200 million emails are sent per minute or there are 1 million people connecting on Facebook per minute.
It is therefore in the interest of cultural organisations to equip themselves with digital technologies to meet the needs of their audiences.

Is your data valuable?

05'22 RGPD: Opportunity or threat?
The CNIL centralizes all regulations around the RGPD.
This is an excellent opportunity to square all the processes around data and the best way to identify its data!

08'50 Data segmentation: communicate in a personalised way!
Many cultural structures do not yet have this notion of segmentation.
A structure that has understood the importance of its data, the need to mobilize it and to speak to each of its audiences in a personalized way, gains value in its positioning as a strong brand in the French cultural landscape.

12'22 "Lookalike": develop your audiences, go beyond loyalty!
A "lookalike" target is an advertising target grouping people similar to your existing audiences. For example, you aim to develop your young audiences who live less than 10km from your national scene.
With Arenametrix, search the history of all your audiences who are under 25 years old, who live less than 10km away and send an ad to their statistical twins. This allows you to acquire new audiences.
That's the power of the connection between Arenametrix and Facebook!

Is your data valuable?

14'56 Break down the preconceived notions about ticketing.
Ticketing software allows you to sell and distribute your tickets. But they don't allow you to do marketing...

18'52 The Arenametrix conviction
Your job is to create emotion; ours is to multiply this emotion tenfold thanks to the richness of the data you collect.
Our job at Arenametrix is to gather your data, analyze it, and leverage it to improve your audience's experience.

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