Arenametrix: Data Sources

Arenametrix recovers all contact data from various sources
(ticketing, website, access control systems, cashless, newsletter, satisfaction measurements, etc.).

1. Automatic daily centralization of data
2. Structuring, cleaning, deduplication and homogenization of data
3. Arenametrix provides you with a clean, updated and usable database


Part of the QuatuHoRe group, Vega software is a PMS / POS solution for hotel and restaurant management.
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Integrate all your data from Vega


Arenametrix automatically retrieves from Vega the history of all the sales and the customers attached to these sales, both individual and group.


The daily upload of the sales of the day before in Vega in Arenametrix is done automatically every night automatically every night: no more Excel exports!


Arenametrix, platform CDP, recovers ticketing data from Vega but also from Excel, Access, Filemaker Excel, Access, Filemaker files, website data, newsletter subscribers, contest contest data...

Automatic import of your data into Arenametrix 100%

More data connected to Arenametrix :

Patrivia is an indispensable platform for discovering, planning and booking cultural visits throughout France and Belgium.


Smeetz is a multi-channel sales and dynamic pricing solution for Cultural venues and leisure

Secutix - Arenametrix collaboration

SecuTix helps sports, cultural and leisure organisations to boost ticket sales and improve the public experience.