volunteer management solution

Recrewteer : Your volunteer management solution

volunteer management solution

The daily support we provide to our clients 130 clientsThe daily support we provide to our clients, most of whom come from the cultural and entertainment sectors, allows us to refine our understanding of your problems. Among these, the management of your team of volunteers can be a real headache on a daily basis! Depending on the type of event, hundreds or even thousands of people are involved in making it possible for your event to take place. So you spend a lot of time and energy to manage their activities as well as possible. This is why we have chosen to partner with Recrewteer: an easy and complete volunteer management solution for your events.

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This rapprochement between our two structures aims to facilitate the management of your projects to crown your events with success.

Presentation of the Recrewteer solution

Recrewteer is a volunteer management and coordination solution available in SaaS mode for event organizers. It allows to centralize all the information related to a program and to automate all the tasks related to the coordination of the volunteer teams on an event. Recrewteer is distributed as a white label. Their solution is integrated on the event's website. 

Volunteer data belongs to the organizer, and is not shared with other organizers. They are part of the richness of an event.

"Volunteer management is handled with tools that are not adapted to the needs of organizers (Excel file, Google Form...) or with expensive custom developments. That's why we launched Recrewteer, in close collaboration with a dozen event organizers to be as close as possible to their needs..."

How Recrewteer works

Recrewteer at 6 key features:

  1. Creation and configuration of volunteer positions (missions): geolocation / creation of time slots / creation of the job description...
  2. Assigning volunteers to positions: quick and error-free assignment based on the volunteer's availability, assignment wishes and answers to their questions
  3. Recruitment of future volunteers: creation of the registration form / integration of the form into the event's website 
  4. Communication with volunteers: their module allows to send SMS and emails to volunteers. Their solution allows to segment them and to make sending lists according to the posts, to program the sendings, and to go up the answers to the SMS in real time in the solution. Perfect to send urgent messages or to build loyalty among volunteers
  5. Advanced reporting: creation of key indicators to monitor the performance of the volunteer program: take care of logistics related to meals, accommodation, or the use of equipment...
  6. Module of CDP (VRM Volunteer Management Platform): to retain volunteers and maintain a lasting relationship throughout the year.

The solution can be tested free of charge for 14 days to evaluate it and make sure it meets the needs of the organizers. Recrewteer supports them in their project of implementing the volunteer management software andtheir support is available at any time via a live chat integrated in their solution.

Some customer testimonials:

A COVID-Friendly solution

The solution also helps organizers prepare for upcoming events by taking into consideration the current health context. For example, we are seeing more and more new " Covid " stations at this summer's events. Among others, we can mention the PCR Test Stand, the gel distribution station, the preparation of individual food trays, or the sanitary measures monitoring station... Organizers also ask volunteers to come with their health passport (vaccine) and to take a pcr test 3 days before taking up their duties... These new measures are essential to reassure institutions, such as prefectures, and to obtain from them the validation of the event. All the management of these additional steps can be centralized in Recrewteer for a better traceability.

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