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Webinar: Leveraging data to optimise the audience journey

Webinar: Leveraging data to optimise the audience journey

Ticketing, access control, online shop, website, mobile application ... At each point of contact, your current and future audiences produce data, some of which you can use to get to know your audience better and optimise their buying experience. The key to making good use of this data: a more engaged, more satisfied and, by definition, more loyal audience.

So how do you collect this data, which data and why? How to analyse it? But also, how can you make the best use of it and use it to improve your relationship with the public?

Arenametrix and WeezeventArenametrix Weezevent and Arenametrix, partners of cultural and sports structures, share with you their ideas and best practices in the context of an optimized, reasoned and relevant management of your buyers' and your audiences' data.

This 40-minute webinar covers the following topics:

📍 Collecting data during the buying journey

        • What are the contact points for your audience?
        • What data to collect? Use cases: ticketing, access, payment

📍Analyse, qualify, exploit the data after the purchase

        • What to do with the data collected from buyers?
        • How to optimise the public's experience? Use case: post-purchase, pre-event and post-event relational mechanisms.

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Arenametrix is a digital solution designed to help tourism and cultural organisations develop their own database and project CDP. The all-in-one, simple and powerful web application combines the functionalities of CDP, sales analysis and commercial management. This is to meet the challenges of acquiring new visitors, and developing the loyalty of existing ones with a view to increasing revenues.

Weezevent offers over 300 000 event organizers innovative technological solutions for ticketing and cashless payment. Since its launch in 2008, Weezevent has sold over 100 million tickets for events of all types : concerts, parties, conferences... and especially for events of all sizes, from a few participants to over a million spectators.

Apolline Locquet

Apolline Locquet

Would you like to carry out a data & CDP diagnosis of your organisation? Take advantage of 30 minutes of free consulting by reserving your slot.

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