omni-channel universe

How to create an omni-channel universe and monetize your fans' data?

How to market its reduced gauge ticketing offer?


During this round table, we discussed, with Camille Urli and Georges-Henry Bediou from Stade Français Paris the challenges they have faced and overcome to improve the fan experience and monetise their data. AroundArenametrix and ReachFivewe shared the steps that have enabled them to successfully carry out this digital transformation and place the fan at the heart of the club's development.


  • How has unified data improved the fan experience?
  • How to value and monetize fan data?
  • How, in this particular context, has Stade Français Paris managed to strengthen its closeness to its fans?
  • What are the prospects for growth around digital and fan relations?

We would like to thank the professionals present for the special time we were able to have. Pierre remains available to discuss these issues which are particularly close to its heart.

Pierre Gautier Arenametrix

Pierre Gautier

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