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Arenametrix interviews market experts and offers interactive webinars on best practices in data management.


webinar: Why and how to use your data to build effective multi-channel strategies

19/05/2021] 11AM GMT+2 


Want to learn more about what an omnichannel platform can do for you? Take the time to watch this 30-minute webinar from our " Get to know Arenametrix" series.



Agenda :

  •  General introduction of our platform with a focus on custom tools for culture and events.
  •  Presentation of use cases from well-known cultural institutions.



webinar: Discover new marketing tools for the cultural industry

06/05/2021] 11AM GMT+2 


We work with around 130 theatres, opera houses, concert halls, museums and theme parks in France, Switzerland, Belgium and the UK and are happy to evolve our technology as the industry needs change. Curious to know more about our bespoke tools and what they do? Take a moment to learn more about our platform CDM by watching this 30 minute introductory webinar from our " Get to know Arenametrix" series.


Agenda :

  • 👉 General introduction of our platform with a focus on custom tools for culture and events.
  • 👉 Presentation of use cases from well-known cultural institutions.


webinar: How to succeed in your 2021/2022 subscription campaign

21/04/2021 17h


The 2021/22 season is taking us towards new horizons. In order to prepare for it as well as possible and to consider all the scenarios, we propose to our clients to participate in our next 2 webinars dedicated to the subscription campaign. See you on April 21st at 5pm for a first time of exchanges around the product and the ticketing strategy.



  • Review of the 20/21 campaign and projection for next season
  • Feedback: the Pioneers of Chamonix
  • Discussions on the themes of the day: product & ticketing strategy


Teatro Biblio

webinar: How to create and animate new digital audiences?

25/03/2021 10h


Iris Edelman, will host a webinar on Wednesday, March 31: " How to create and animate new digital audiences? "(in Spanish) at the first International Seminar of Digital Audiences of Biobio Theatre in Concepción, Chile. An opportunity to share Arenametrix' expertise with a Latin American audience!



  • How to improve knowledge of its audiences?
  • How to communicate in a relevant way?
  • How to create new audiences?



#Sobuzzconf: What social media activations and marketing games for the Euro 2021?

25/03/2021 10h


Advertisers, local authorities, clubs... each organization can benefit from the tremendous commitment that such an event generates. Pierre Gautier , sports market manager for Arenametrix, will provide the first answers next Thursday with Yann Baffalio from Havas Sports & Entertainment, Laurent Oreggia from OGC NICE, under the guidance of Alexandre Durain from So-Buzz.



  • Why do major sports competitions boost activations?
  • How to best engage fans, customers, prospects?
  • Can we also launch games when we are not an official partner?



CLUBHOUSE : Fan experience & data

04/03/2021 11h


Pierre Gautier , sports manager, spoke in the Fanstriker room to discuss the experience and commitment of fans with Maëlle Taffou, Nicolas Claquin and Matthias Disch.



  •  Focus on behaviors as segmentation elements
  •  Data are essential, they bring you knowledge and measure the interest of your content
  • Use the rule of 20% content (newsletters, contests, landing pages, etc.) for 80% distribution


WEBINAR: Create a multi-channel universe and monetize your fans' data

04/03/2021 11h


During this round table, we discussed, with Camille Urli and Georges-Henry Bediou of Stade Français Paris the challenges they faced to improve the fan experience and monetize their data. AroundArenametrix andt of ReachFiveDuring this round table, we shared the steps that have allowed us to successfully carry out this digital transformation and place the fan at the heart of the club's development.




  • How has unified data improved the fan experience?
  • How to value and monetize fan data?
  • How, in this particular context, has Stade Français Paris managed to strengthen its closeness to its fans?
  • What are the prospects for growth around digital and fan relations?



24/02/2021 11h


Last week we held a webinar with about ten of our clients on marketing with a reduced gauge. The replay of the session is available for our clients by request at Pierre Gautierour sports market manager.




  • What marketing strategy should be adopted for its subscribers?
  • How do you segment your customer base?
  • How do you plan your operations?


CDM data sponsoring

WEBINAR : Professional sports evening - University of Rouen

12/01/2021 18h


On the occasion of the third edition of the Soirées du Sport Professionnel, the Master 2 MMSSP has received Pierre Gautier , our sports market manager. Along with students Hugo Andrieu, Valentin COUSTEL and Raphaël Niaulon, Pierre will talk about CDM software and data-sponsoring.




  • What strategy should CDM adopt?
  • Introduction to Data-Sponsoring
  • Question and answer sessions