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DATA & Tourism

1. DEFINE your acquisition method

2. INCREASE the knowledge of your customers and prospects

3. BUILD LOYALTY through a successful strategy CDP

4. USE the power of personalization and marketing automation to build a strong relationship


1. PREPARE: Your club is a medium

2. ENGAGE: Your communities have value
3. MARKET: The business platform, your growth lever
4. MARKETING: Stop the "catalogue" sale
5. LOYALIZE: ROI measurement is your ally

Reconciling BtoB and BtoC strategies

1. CENTRALISE your data to strengthen your growth
2. Stop chasing the public - GET THEM TO TRUST YOU

3. Lighten the workload of your teams to improve performance

4. Automate your marketing


Subscription Campaign

1. CREATE YOUR OFFER: Meeting the expectations of your fans

2. MARKETING : Key success factors

3. COMMUNICATE: Telling a Story

4. TRUST : The continuation of your campaign

The Digital Transformation

 1. MANAGEMENT: Experience is key in delivering value

2. COMMITMENT: Your communities are valuable.

3. DIGITAL SELLING: Conquering new audiences

4. STORYTELLING: Communicating through sport

5. OTT & BLOCKCHAIN PLATFORM: Disseminating its contents

 6. NEW PRODUCTS: Finding new levers

7. B2B PLATFORM: A platform adapted to your needs

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