grevin museum yield management

Museums: Optimize your web sales and your turnover with yield management

Optimize your web sales and turnover with yield management

The Yield Management consists in maximizing the turnover or the margin generated, mainly by playing on the combination of price variables and occupancy rates (capacity, show places, etc...) with the help of a differentiated and dynamic pricing policy. The lowest prices are often offered for bookings made well in advance or on the contrary at the last minute. To help you with your revenue management project,you can count on the expertiseof theArenametrix.

We propose here our collaboration with Grevin Museum. The main idea behind the introduction of a ticketing system for the Revenue Management system for the museum was to limit its losses by offering tickets at a price below the public's willingness to pay. The system was to provide recommendations for expanding the museum's opportunities by generating new income.  

Julita Sierra, communications and ticketing manager, speaks about the results obtained: ' Thanks to the Arenametrix support and the price variation strategies implemented, we are seeing an increase in attendance and an increase in turnover in 2019. And this despite the museum being closed for a month. »

Discover now the work done around the pricing strategy of the Grévin Museum.

grevin museum yield management

The Grévin Museum is a private wax museum located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, France, and in which wax reproductions of famous people are gathered. Also part of the visit of the museum is the Grévin Theatre and the Palais des Mirages. 

Increased sales on the website.

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