4 tried-and-tested strategies to fill your concert hall

A full house is part of a show producer's financial future, so it's legitimate to ask what strategies we have to attract and retain spectators. 

Think local
Concerts usually attract audiences who live not far from the venue in question, so it's important to program local artists, not only to promote them but also to show a certain territorial attachment. 

Human proximity is just as important as geographical proximity, so it's all about adopting the right communications to create a strong bond between you and your audience, and thusenhance their overall experience. They're not just customers, they're music lovers just like you, so the friendliness of the staff, the comfort of the venue and the recognition of loyal patrons are all important considerations.

Regain control of your data

The use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool enables you to acquire a good knowledge of your audience: first and last name, birthday, preferences, tastes, consumption habits... All this information will enable you to set up targeted and personalized communication and thus improve your fill rate by enhancing the experience before, during and after the concert.

Boost your sales with attractive rates
The introduction of early bird prices, which vary according to the time of purchase, boosts overall sales and reduces uncertainty as to whether the venue will fill up.  What's more, this practice allows you to quickly gather information about your attendees and communicate with them before the concert.

Adopt the right communication via the right channel

The multitude of communication channels can make the task complicated.
That's why you need to know the user profile from each channel. Here are a few examples of content adapted to the different channels at your disposal : 

- A blog allows you to express yourself at greater length on subjects that resonate with you: talk about the artists you've programmed, the latest news from your venue... You can also show your audience what goes on behind the scenes by writing an article about your sound system or set design.

- Today, social networks are an integral part of any communication strategy, so it's important to stand out from the crowd with original, regular communication.
Adopt a communication style that reflects you! 

- E-mails enable targeted, personalized communication. Use the information you have at your disposal to send communications tailored to the concerts your audience is used to attending, increasing your chances of attracting them. 

- Paper remains an effective means of communication, especially if your visuals are attractive. Localized postings will serve as a reminder to local residents.