BtoB management

Manage your opportunities with professionals 

Options, volume sales, venue rentals, finding donors...the challenges facing teams managing relations with professional audiences require the use of tools adapted to the event industry.

Thanks to Arenametrix's BtoB management module, you can make your teams' day-to-day management of BtoB projects easier.

Screenshots from Arenametrix's BtoB management module

Single repository

You centralize key information on each professional structure and interactions with them.

Optimized follow-up

Efficiently visualize and track the progress and various stages of ongoing projects: making contact, sending quotes, sales follow-up, etc.


Measure team performances. Tracking tools help them achieve their objectives on a daily basis.

Optimize your relationships with professionals

Thanks to a centralized database, you can gather information about your prospects, customers and partners (contact details, quotes, purchase history, interactions, etc.) in one place.

You can then share this data among your teams, and personalize your relationships with each professional structure with which you interact. 


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Visualize the progress
of your projects

Easily track the progress of your projects thanks to an user friendly, visual interface that can be fully customized.

With tracking tools, you can organize your projects according to the stage in progress, and quickly retrieve key information (making contact, sending quotes, sales follow-up, etc.).
Schedule and assign tasks and reminders to help you interact with your business partners at the right time (e.g., to follow up on an option).
Screenshots from Arenametrix's BtoB management module

Frequently Asked Question

What is Arenametrix?

Arenametrix is a software platform specializing in marketing tools for developing and engaging audiences in cultural institutions, sports organizations and leisure venues. In concrete terms, the Arenametrix solution makes it possible to collect, analyze and exploit audience data gathered via various data sources such as ticketing tools, newsletters, websites, access control, mobile applications, digital guest books...

Who is Arenametrix designed for?

Arenametrix is designed for cultural, sports and leisure organizations that want to use data to better understand and develop their audiences, and offer them the best possible experience.

What types of data are collected?

Arenametrix enables the collection and centralization of a wide range of data, such as ticketing, online store, mobile application, access control and satisfaction data, providing a comprehensive view of audience interaction and engagement.

How does data collection work with Arenametrix?

Data collection differs according to the nature of the data (ticketing data, satisfaction data, mobile application, access control, etc.). The Arenametrix solution connects to the service provider's software via an API key to collect, aggregate and clean the data, making it available in a single database.

Does Arenametrix offer integrations with other software?

Yes, Arenametrix offers integrations with other commonly used tools and software, such as ticketing systems, newsletters, websites, access control, mobile applications, digital guest books and more. You can find them here.

What guarantees does Arenametrix offer regarding personal data protection?

Arenametrix attaches great importance to data protection and complies with current regulations, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). User data is handled securely and transparently.

How much does Arenametrix cost?

The cost of Arenametrix depends on various factors, including the size of the organization, the functionality required and the length of the commitment. Contact us directly for a personalized quote.