Cultural visits - Museums and heritage sites

Your visitors deserve
the best experience.

Arenametrix is the marketing and CRM platform that enables you to:

  • Know your visitors to build loyalty
  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Meet your development goals
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Museums, castles and heritage sites using Arenametrix


Centralize your data

The data generated by your visitors and teams on a daily basis is valuable.

Today, this data is still too often underutilized, at the cost of time-consuming tasks and a failure to adhere scrupulously to user protection rules, such as GDPR.
We can help you unify and deduplicate your museum’s data, castle or heritage site, then enhance it in a single interface by connecting to your business tools: ticketing, access control, website, resale, online store...
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Offer your visitors the
best possible experience

Arenametrix helps you harness the most interesting data you have to understand your audience's habits. We provide you with a simplified visualization of your visitors' behavior, so you can get to know them better and offer them the best possible experience before, during and after their visit.

With our all-in-one tool, you access expert knowledge of your visitors with a wide range of communication channels to reach your audiences in a personalized way, at the right time and on the right communication channel.

Picture of visitors in front of a painting in a museum

Manage and develop your business

With Arenametrix on your side, you can precisely analyze the impact of your marketing actions, so you can better evaluate them and plan your next steps (engagement from your campaigns, conversion rates into bookings, and more).

Your operational teams benefit from a collaborative and intuitive tool that saves them time, and their managers get a better view of their teams' work in line with their growth goals.

Picture of tourist visiting an antique thetre

Our data integrations related to museums and heritage sites

Arenametrix is connected to over 80 data sources, including the main tools used in the cultural sector
(ticketing, online stores, mobile applications, cashless, access control...).

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Museums and heritage sites, 
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